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Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

A secret-agent spoof, with talking animals

Cat and dogs (and a pigeon) star in this live-action spoof of James Bond-style action films. (And for all its faults, this talking-animal movie is still funnier than the last Austin Powers film.) Brad Peyton's film is a sequel to 2001's Cats & Dogs, but I don't think foreknowledge matters -- I was able to jump right in. A secret terror-fighting group of highly trained dogs joins up with a similar organization for cats (MEOWS) in order defeat Kitty Galore, a hairless feline with a diabolical plan to take over the world.

Jokes run from the obvious (puns abound) to the occasionally wry (a cop has trouble pulling for a group of used-car salesmen held hostage) to the downright bizarre (a cat dressed up like a bunny). Of course, there's always something slightly off about watching animals conversing nonchalantly, and I could imagine this film being an excellent mindblower for the stoner set. (See it in 3-D if you must, but mostly the effects are for the little kids, such as things shooting off the screen.) Lastly, I'm not sure what it means when a major studio wraps up its movie with reel of YouTube videos of actual cats and dogs acting silly, but these are reliable LOLs. Play 'em off, Keyboard Cat! Starts Fri., July 30.

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