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Cashing In

For some Pittsburghers, at least, the economy doesn't get much better than this.

The newly resurgent Pittsburgh economy has given us a few things to complain about: $13 cocktails, tech workers acting like they own the place, and rents in certain East End neighborhoods that have gone from silly to stratospheric. And there are communities where, amidst all this plenty, people are really struggling. But economically speaking, the numbers add up here about as well as they do anywhere in the United States. Even daily annoyances, like the interminable UPMC/Highmark ad campaign, can mask a pleasant reality — like insurance costs well below those being paid elsewhere. So sit back and enjoy that overpriced mojito; you've earned it.

Sources: 2008-2012 American Community Survey 5-year estimates; U.S. Census Bureau; Health and Human Services; University of Pittsburgh researcher Chris Briem

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