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Carlsberg Beer


Retail Price: $40-45 / case

During a trip to Ireland a few years back, my traveling companions wanted to visit the site of a late-1800s miracle in which an apparition of the Virgin Mary descended on a tiny town. I went across the street to a pub and ordered a ham sandwich and, at the bartender’s recommendation, a pint of Carlsberg. While the sandwich gave me indigestion, this full-flavored German-style pilsner from a Danish brewery was on the money. I had three more beers and another sandwich with the locals, walked outside, and swear I started seeing apparitions myself.

Carlsberg is available at area establishments including Sharp Edge (922 Penn. Ave., Downtown); Hal’s Bar and Grill (3225 Babcock Blvd., North Hills); and Hough’s (563 Greenfield Ave., Greenfield)

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