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Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers: 3 Reputable Providers

Twitch is the world's leading game streaming platform, with huge potential for anyone looking to turn their passion for gaming into a lucrative career. But with around 7.3 million Twitch streamers all competing for attention each month, getting noticed isn't easy. One option to cut through the noise is to buy Twitch followers – the preferred tactic for thousands of top-tier streamers.

Buying followers can instantly make your Twitch channel more attractive, more visible, and more believable. Every follower you buy adds authority and influence to the content you stream, making it much easier for viewers to take you seriously. It's a strategy that can be surprisingly effective, just as long as you buy them from the right place.

That's where we come in, with our top-three rankings of the best sites to buy Twitch followers in 2024. Whether you're launching a new channel, looking to expand your reach, or simply out to make more money, here's where to head for reliable, effective, and affordable Twitch followers:

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers

1. Media Mister

Score: 9.8/10

A name still standing tall after way more than a decade, Media Mister is the best site to buy Twitch Followers overall. With an impressive track record stretching back to 2012, they've been at the top of the social media growth industry since before some of today's biggest platforms even existed.

First up, the followers you get from Media Mister are the real deal. We're talking genuine Twitch followers - not just numbers to inflate your follower count. This emphasis on quality over quantity means more engaged viewers and greater visibility for your streams.

Customer support is another area where Media Mister shines. Put to the test, their reps are genuinely nice guys to deal with, and they know what they're talking about. And they're not the types to keep you waiting when you hit them up via live chat.

Another of Media Mister's standout features is its drip-feed delivery system. It's an approach that mimics natural growth, gradually increasing your follower count and keeping your account safe from possible red flags. It's a thoughtful yet essential strategy that prioritizes your channel's long-term integrity – a big deal on Twitch.

Best of all, Media Mister backs its services with a 100% money-back guarantee. This assurance speaks volumes about their confidence in delivering what you pay for, meaning you'll not be left out of pocket if they fail to get things done.

Beyond followers, if you're looking to boost not just your overall engagement on Twitch, Media covers all bases. You can buy various other services like Twitch Views and more – all useful for amplifying your presence and profile.

Recognized as the best choice for purchasing Twitch followers by news platforms like The State Journal and The Santa Monica Mirror, Media Mister's reputation really is pretty solid. Whether you're out to buy 100, 1000, 2500, or even 10,000 Twitch followers, it's all for grabs – and it's cheap.

In short, where 100% legit Twitch followers and a genuinely experienced seller are what you need, Media Mister is as good as it gets.

>>Read the customer reviews of Media Mister before buying


You can boost your Twitch profile with 500 followers from Media Mister for just under $27.00 while upping your order to 1000 followers will cost you just over $50.00.

Delivery Time

The rollout of most packages begins within 24 hours of order placement, followed gradually by the full balance over a few working days.


  • Unrivalled experience and expertise.

  • A trusted engagement specialist since 2012.

  • 100% real followers guaranteed.

  • Your money back in case of non-delivery.

  • Friendly and helpful customer support.

  • Full range of growth services available.


  • No product samples or trials are on offer.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Media Mister's verified customers speak highly of the quality, authenticity, and affordability of their Twitch followers, along with their timely delivery method and genuinely useful customer support.

2. GetAFollower

Score: 9.6/10

As far as reliable, non-drop followers go, GetAFollower is the best place for buying real Twitch followers that are guaranteed to go the distance. All Twitch channel followers that come from these guys are covered by their outstanding two-month retention warranty.

In simple terms, any followers you get that drop within the first two months get replaced for free. It's essentially an insurance policy for your investment, giving you peace of mind and ensuring reliable, long-term growth.

Building global audiences for Twitch channels is GetAFollower's specialty. They connect you with real Twitch users from countless countries, ensuring maximum global reach. This basically makes your content more visible to viewers worldwide, widening your reach and increasing chances of high engagement on your streams.

Less waiting, more streaming - a promise backed by GetAFollower's on-time delivery guarantee. With delivery times starting from just 24 hours, you won't be waiting long to see positive movement. And if, for any reason, they don't get your followers delivered on time, you can request a refund during the first 30 days.

No matter how big or small your budget is, GetAFollower has a huge range of growth solutions at various price points. They support multiple payment methods - including Crypto (Bitcoin and Ethereum), Apple Pay, Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal and more – and their SSL encrypted website keeps your private data secure.

A safe, reliable, and affordable way to give your Twitch channel a major boost, GetAFollower's cost-effective followers have earned the approval of thousands of satisfied customers.

>> Read the Customer reviews of GetAFollower


GetAFollower's package of 5000 real Twitch followers is up for grabs for just $249, or you can reach even higher with 10,000 authentic followers for as little as $493.

Delivery Time

Average delivery times for GetAFollower's most popular packages come in at around 2-3 working days, while larger orders can take around a week to deliver in full.


  • Excellent 60-day retention warranty.

  • Fast delivery with safe drip-feed rollouts.

  • A broad range of payment methods is accepted.

  • Guaranteed 100% genuine followers.

  • Very good overall value for money.


  • No customer support outside office hours.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Long-term performance and reliable delivery times keep GetAFollower's buyers coming back for more, who recommend their services for their transparency, authenticity, and overall quality.

3. Buy Real Media

Score: 9.4/10

For budding streamers chasing rapid Twitch growth on tight budgets, Buy Real Media is the best website for purchasing cheap Twitch followers. With fantastic prices starting from just $6.00, just a few bucks can open the door to a more powerful presence on Twitch.

But what really makes the difference here is that despite their rock-bottom prices, there's zero compromise on quality. Buy Real Media is all about delivering premium-quality Twitch followers—each one thoroughly vetted and verified as an active and engaged user. This means you're gaining real viewers, genuine engagement, and consistent growth.

Another big plus at Buy Real Media is their gradual delivery approach. They strategically distribute your new followers over a sensible time frame to mimic natural growth patterns. It's all totally discreet - nobody finds out you've bought followers, keeping your reputation intact while your channel grows.

But where Buy Real Media really shines is in their customer-focused service. Their dedicated customer support team can be contacted at the touch of a button, and it's clear they take real pride in their work. Plus, the order process is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes – and without the need to provide your account password.

As an added bonus, the BRM platform also features a solid archive of articles and guides to educate, inform, and support your Twitch growth journey.

So it's basically the best of all worlds. The chance to buy cheap Twitch followers for a cost-effective channel boost, backed by a reassuring quality guarantee, reliable customer support, and staggered delivery to keep your channel safe.

>> Read the full Buy Real Media review


Just $6.00 is all it costs to add 100 active followers to your Twitch channel, or you can step up to 250 followers for a low $14.00.

Delivery Time

Buy Real Media quotes as little as 1 to 2 working days for package rollout completion, depending on the size of the order and any supplementary services added.


  • Real and active followers from just $6.00.

  • Safe, carefully controlled delivery.

  • Very impressive live chat support.

  • Full refund in the case of non-delivery.

  • Useful educational guides and articles.


  • Sometimes slow to respond by email.

Summary of Customer Reviews

Feedback published on Buy Real Media's website and elsewhere emphasizes the unbeatable value for money of what's on offer while also complimenting the professional yet personal support their team provides.

Our Criteria for Ranking the Best Websites to Buy Twitch Followers

Boosting your follower count with a paid service from a top-rated seller can work wonders. It can expose your content to more Twitch viewers, ramp up your authority in your niche, and generally fast-track your Twitch growth.

But this only applies if you find the right seller to set you up with real, high-quality followers in the first place.

That's why we took the time to put more than 20 high-profile brands to the test, carefully assessing their features, benefits, and all-round performance. Specifically, the criteria we used to rank the sellers in our shortlist were as follows:

Follower Authenticity

The authenticity of the followers you buy is super important. Real, active followers mean real engagement and visibility – not just a pointless increase in numbers. Sellers that offer followers who are real Twitch users are the only sellers worth dealing with, making this our top priority above all else.

Delivery Speed

No Twitch streamer wants to wait forever for their followers to show up. But at the same time, your Twitch channel's growth needs to look natural and realistic. Quick, consistent delivery helps maintain your growth without raising red flags, which is why we favor sites that carefully control their delivery speeds.

Price Point

Pricing matters because you want to get the most bang for your buck without compromising quality. Affordable options are great, but it's crucial to be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. We were looking for competitive pricing that aligns with high-quality, authentic followers - no exceptions.

Security and Privacy

Handing over sensitive information online is always a risk. Hence, websites that prioritize your security and privacy should be your target. Look for platforms that offer secure payment options and don't ask you to submit your passwords. Keeping yourself safe should be your top priority and factored heavily into our assessments.

Customer Support

The best-sellers are those that offer responsive, friendly, and helpful customer service. Whether it's pre-purchase questions or post-order support, it's all about making the process stress-free and straightforward. We, therefore, gave priority to sellers who offer reliable, responsive, and genuinely useful customer support.

Across the board, Media Mister, Buy Real Media, and GetAFollower outpaced the competition in each of these areas.

Why Should You Buy Twitch Followers?

The more viewers your streams attract, the easier it becomes to win on Twitch. Building an active community around your channel holds the key to hitting the big time, which is where a paid package of followers could make a real difference.

More followers = more benefits for your content, your channel, and your streaming strategy – it really is that simple. In specific, the advantages you could be looking at with an enhanced follower count include:

Boost your Streams' Visibility

Buying Twitch followers helps get your streams in front of more eyes. When followers interact with your stream, it signals to Twitch that your content is worth watching, increasing your visibility with an algorithmic advantage. This means more people are notified when your streams go live, driving more traffic to your channel and maximizing audience engagement. Every follower you buy makes it that little bit easier to stand out in your niche.

Increased Channel's Authority

When your channel has a high follower count, it immediately appears more credible to anyone who sees it. This enhanced credibility makes new visitors more likely to take your content seriously and recommend your channel to others. It's the classic snowball effect - as your authority builds, so do your chances to get more viewers on board, who'll further boost your profile credibility by actively engaging with your content.

Attract More Followers

On Twitch, the numbers can make a real difference. A high follower count makes your channel more likely to get recommended to new users – both by Twitch's discovery algorithms and by word-of-mouth. Higher numbers grab attention in an instant, encouraging new users to see what's special about your streams. And if they like what they see, they might just hit the 'Subscribe' button and stick around for more.

Collaborations with Other Streamers

More followers can make your channel much more appealing for collaborations with other streamers. It's a two-way street; when you have a substantial following, other streamers see value in collaborating with you, since the partnership exposes their channel to your audience. Collaborations can be a fun way to mix up content and introduce your channel to potential followers in other Twitch communities.

Unlocking Affiliate and Partner Programs

There are certain milestones you need to hit before you can join the Twitch Affiliate and Partner Programs, like a specific number of followers and consistent viewership. Buying followers can help you reach these milestones much faster. These programs offer various ways to make money from your streams, like subscriptions, bits, and ad revenues. Purchasing followers fast-tracks your eligibility, allowing you to start earning from your streams sooner.

How to Buy Twitch Followers?

Paying your way to a higher follower count is probably easier than you think. With the right seller, the whole thing can be wrapped in just a few minutes, with no need to disclose any risky data.

An overview of how the process works:

  • Head to the website of one of the three sellers above.

  • Find their 'Twitch' section and choose the 'Followers' service.

  • Select the number of followers you want to order.

  • Check you're happy with the delivery time and price.

  • Copy and paste your Twitch Channel URL into the order form.

  • Add more services to your package if required.

  • Check out your order using your preferred payment method.

  • Watch for confirmation of your order in your inbox.

You can then track your Twitch analytics to see how your new followers positively influence key metrics – views, likes, organic followers, overall engagement etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Twitch Followers

What Does "Buying Twitch Followers" Means?

Buying Twitch followers means paying to have genuine Twitch followers organically added to your channel in the normal way. Done right; it can be a great way to support your social media marketing strategy at a rock-bottom price.

Do These Sites Provide the Real Twitch Followers?

Yes – the sellers detailed above promise nothing but real, active Twitch users – engaged community members who join your channel like anyone else. This makes them exactly the same as organic followers, with the same benefits.

Is Buying Twitch Followers Legal?

Yes – there's no rule that forbids buying followers on Twitch that are 100% real and active. Twitch prohibits the use of fake accounts and bots, but this doesn't apply when you purchase followers from real platform users.

Which is the Best Site to Buy Twitch Followers?

Media Mister is the best choice for buying Twitch followers. They're unbeatable for 100% authentic followers, safe delivery, secure transactions, quality customer support, and a 12-year track record that speaks for itself.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Buy 10k Twitch Followers?

It depends on where you head, but you should be looking at around $500 for 10,000 real Twitch followers. Set your sights on sellers that quote realistic prices for their services – not overly high, but also not suspiciously low.

How Many Followers and Views Are Needed to Become a Twitch Affiliate?

To become a Twitch Affiliate, you need to reach 50 Followers, stream for 8 hours, stream on 7 different days, and have an average of 3 viewers per stream. Stepping up to Twitch Partner status, you'll also need 1000 followers and at least 25 hours broadcasted in the past 30 days.

When Will I See Results After Buying Twitch Followers?

Fast. Delivery should get underway within 24 hours or less. Your growing follower count should then quickly catch the eye of other users and the Twitch algorithm, resulting in significant improvements to your visibility, reach and engagement rate.

Can I Buy Twitch Followers Without Risking My Account's Integrity?

Yes – the followers sold by the three sellers above are real, so there's no risk to your account's integrity. Their services don't break any rules, their followers are real Twitch users, and they prioritize discretion to keep their customers safe.

Final Thoughts

Stacking up active Twitch followers is the number one priority for every ambitious streamer. The benefits of which can be huge, and can also be fast-tracked by paying for people to follow you. If you're looking to pick up paid followers in 2024, you won't find a better seller than Media Mister.

In short, all the followers you need to give your channel a major boost could be just a few clicks away.

But it's important to understand that there's more to making it big on Twitch than boosting your audience size. You need to become an active, involved, and valued part of the Twitch community, which begins and ends with creating quality content.

Make your streams matter, get to know your viewers, and interact with those who are genuinely interested in what you do. Stay true to your niche and let your personality shine, and you'll soon be on your way to a thriving Twitch channel.