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Whether taking to the streets in protest, riding a bike for 412 miles, or even buying a t-shirt, people are finding different ways to support and raise awareness for their favorite causes and organizations. Below is a selection of albums, EPs, and singles from Pittsburgh musicians and bands who are donating the proceeds from their music sales to bail bonds, charities, and more.

Released June 7, jGGZ PATEL described this album as "a mini opus that conveys the emotions I have in this very moment." All proceeds will go directly to the Black Trans Protesters Emergency Fund.

snwv - music at a distance 13
Since the start of the pandemic, snwv has released a music at a distance series, using oscillators, synths, and more to create ambient electronic tunes. Proceeds from music at a distance 13 and music at a distance 12 are going to Pittsburgh's Bukit Bail Fund.

The Stars of Disaster - "Laser Man"
"Laser Man" is an unreleased track from The Stars of Disaster's Love Won't Save You, the psych-rock band's debut album set to drop this spring. Instead, it came two weeks ago with all sales going to The National Bail Fund.

Saani Mac - Sick Sad World DEMO2020
The brains behind the recent Pittsburgh #BandcampBlackout, rapper Saani Mac is matching all donations in support of his music and putting it towards bail funds around the country.

Ali Berger - Direct Experience
On Bandcamp, Ali Berger says, "The tracks on this album are created in pursuit of this understanding, quickly improvised with few overdubs and little consideration. In these moments away from the noise of thinking, tranquility and tension unify and disappear into the pure state of momentary existence. The true nature of reality emerges and we come to rest." All proceeds will be donated to the National Council For Incarcerated And Formerly Incarcerated Women And Girls.

"Ubuntu" is loud. "Ubuntu" is angry. "Police state will not be tolerated" reads the description. "Black lives matter - fuck you if you are silent - we will remember you." All sales proceeds will be donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

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