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A Modest Roundup of (Im)pertinent Media about the Current Administration

"Bushspeak." Misunderestimate George W. Bush at your peril, writes Philip Gourevitch. The man's no Einstein, but he's a genius on the campaign trail, largely because of his deceptively simple way of talkin'. But while giving Bush his due, Gourevitch's analysis in The New Yorker (Sept. 13) throws in loads of don'ts. Such as how Bush's style has sunk the campaign's tone to subterranean levels, and how "the gap between his grandiose, self-glorifying rhetoric and our anxious and unsettling reality has grown steadily wider." www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?040913fa_fact1"Bush Flip-Flop on Roadless Forest Rule Triggers Storm of Protest." Promises, promises: Some 58 million acres of pristine National Forests are safe from logging, mining and drilling, the Early Bush Administration said, vowing to uphold a Clinton-era rule. Well (flip), not any more (flop). Now the rule's been repealed, putting unspoiled forests at risk of timber clearcuts, industrial development and destruction of wildlife habitats. Citing a study by the Campaign to Protect America's Land, BushGreenWatch (Sept. 8) says the change also threatens neighboring national parks and monuments. www.bushgreenwatch.org/mt_archives/000178.php"Bush to Alter Economic Stats Again." Losing the game? Do like the Bushies and change the rules. Faced with rising poverty three years running and a record number of Americans without health care, the White House is revamping Census categories to meet its political needs -- just as it previously dropped those depressing monthly reports on mass layoffs, and moved the start date of the last recession to Clinton's watch. E-mail news gleaner The Daily Mislead (Sept.1) reports. www.misleader.org/daily_mislead/read.asp?fn=df09012004.html"The Ben Barnes Blackout." Thanks to 60 Minutes, you've likely heard how George W. Bush allegedly failed to fulfill his sworn duty to the National Guard, including a suspension by his squadron commander. Less discussed is W's path to the Guard, rather than to likely active duty in Vietnam, in the days when his daddy was a congressman. In Salon (Aug. 30), Eric Boehlert asks why former Texas lieutenant governor Ben Barnes' revelation that he pulled strings to safe-Guard the young W has gotten relatively little play (especially compared to Swift Boaters). archive.salon.com/news/feature/2004/09/01/barnes60minutes/index_np.html

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