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Bullet Train to Vegas

We Put Scissors Where Our Mouths Are



Named after a much-loved Drive Like Jehu track, Orange County's Bullet Train to Vegas is actually louder, faster and much more likely to scream and shout. Frequently compared to Sparta and At the Drive-In, the group's Nitro Records debut carves a singular niche for itself in the already overcrowded post-hardcore landscape, thanks largely to its infectious vocals, which are high-pitched and satisfyingly loud. BTTV is a band built of young musicians, though, so it's not surprising to find elements of dance punk woven in between the album's more chaotic elements: crushing drums beats, way low bass and wonderfully jerky stop-start time changes. We Put Scissors borrows some of the best contemporary rock 'n' roll concepts and reshapes them into something not quite revolutionary, but still truly unique.


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