Bukowski:Born Into This | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Poet and novelist Charles Bukowski was fortunate to have achieved recognition in his lifetime, though arguably this fame was intertwined with his mythic stature as a larger-than-life loser -- the drinking, fornicating and brawling; the seedy bars and SROs; the menial jobs. In his documentary, John Dullaghan doesn't scrimp on illuminating much of this legend as truth, but what also emerges is an engaging and surprising portrait of Bukowski's other facets -- the dedicated writer, the tamed senior citizen, the insecure boy within. Befittingly, Dullaghan interviews a wide range of contemporaries including Bukowski's post-office co-workers, ex-wives, childhood friends, early publishers and enamored followers such as Sean Penn. But his greatest witness is Bukowski himself -- captured here in decades-old footage from European television interviews -- elucidating his life and work with insight and a refreshing lack of bullshit. Harris 3 cameras

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