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Built Upon Frustration

Da Core Records

Pittsburgh is a traditionalist city, where folks stick to their guns and don't blindly follow trends (or if they do, it's five years later). So it is with Da Core Records, which has based much of its roster's aesthetic on the early-'90s rise of metallic hardcore. A band like Built Upon Frustration (recently reunited, hence the CD title) draws its strength from the original Victory Records hardcore sound -- aggressive, hyper-intense bands like Earth Crisis and Blood for Blood, as well as the generation of heavy acts which immediately preceded nu-metal (Slayer and Pantera).

But whereas Victory has moved on to emo and post-hardcore, Da Core stays with what it knows best, and so does BUF. Topically, Jason Hominsky's growled lyrics (which are more intelligible than most hardcore) deal with classic themes of anger, betrayal, confrontation ("show no weakness," "I'll give you fucking war") and, of course, loyalty to the HC crew.

The band delivers both punishing, brutally precise dual-guitar chunkiness and the kind of speed-kick metal drumming that would certainly get a crowd head-banging at Ozzfest. Guitarist Eric Klinger's low-end studio production grants the album a solid shot at contention among its peers.

Anyone familiar with the hardcore scene can visualize a circle of huge tattooed guys running around in a circle, punching the air and the floor, and throwing out kung fu kicks left and right. That's the scene Built Upon Frustration lives in, and they seem prepared to remain true to it, for life.

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