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Buffalo Rose moves in a new sonic direction

Get the ‘412’ on the now pop-leaning band

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Scott Spindler
Buffalo Rose

Since Buffalo Rose released its debut album last year, the six-member band lost — and then added — a vocalist to the group. With the addition of Rosanna Spindler, Buffalo Rose’s sonic direction moved towards pop. 

“We’ve been writing poppier and poppier songs as we’ve gone along,” says Lucy Clabby, Buffalo Rose singer and songwriter. “[Bandmate Shane McLaughlin] and I have this tendency to write songs and say they’re not going to be Buffalo Rose songs, but we always end up turning them into Buffalo Rose songs. That’s just our sound now. Also, we were excited about having Rosanna on board now, and we wanted to try something new because she’s new.”

Four nights a week, Buffalo Rose works on its next album in a space they rented in the Unity Center of Pittsburgh. This is where the members are putting together their new single, “Rocketship,” which was mixed by Grammy-winning engineer, Jimmy Hoyson. Buffalo Rose is debuting “Rocketship” Friday, along with other new music, at SongSpace at First Unitarian.

“The sound there is incredible,” says Buffalo Rose singer and songwriter McLaughlin. “There’s huge ceilings, and we’re bringing in a big light show. Our friend Max Sommerville from Wreck Loose is going to play this super old organ that was a gift from Andrew Carnegie that [the church] is letting us use.”

Ahead of the band's inaugural show with its new sound and vocalist, Pittsburgh City Paper reached out to McLaughlin for a new Q&A section.


412 is a new music section where CP reveals a more fun side of the local music scene, by asking four questions about music, one question about Pittsburgh, and one question about drinks.

Questions about Music

What Pittsburgh musician/band are you most excited to see grow in 2019?

There are WAY too many so I’m going to answer two: Brittney Chantelle and Sad Girls Aquatics Club.

What’s a song you can’t help but dance to when it starts playing?

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” – Eurythmics

What the last concert you attended?

Working Breed and the Summercamp at Howlers.

Question about Pittsburgh

Best place to hang after rehearsal?

Outside: Frick Park, Inside: Kelly's

 Questions about Beer

There’s a new strawberry lemonade favored Natural Life. Thoughts?

No, thank you.

What’s a beer flavor you wish existed?

Honeydew or Cool Ranch Doritos flavor?  I actually feel that there are enough flavors of beer and would like the world of beer to return of the focus to barley. Maybe a farm flavor. Crop Rotation Ale.

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