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British Sea Power

Open Season
Rough Trade

Shaped by forces of nature, a sailor's life reflects the sea that buoys his voyage much like our waking lives reflect the dream world that nourishes them. This thematic symbiosis underscores British Sea Power's pithy sentiments about human frailty and longing.


A seasick meditation on the tyranny of regret, The Decline of British Sea Power made a huge splash on both sides of the pond. The four slight lads from Brighton anchored grandiose performances in guttersnipe angst to herald their debut and ignite landlubbers' fervor for a follow-up.


The return voyage, Open Season, comes to life like a David Bowie poster sprinkled with fairy dust from Robert Smith's makeup kit. Exasperated murmurs catch the wind in a lush homage to gothic beauty, "Be Gone," and polish the guitar havoc of "Oh, Larsen B" into a misty lighthouse rainbow.


Tattooed with bumps and bruises, this moody English music is tempered with a very American soft spot for punk puerility. Trebly waters froth into a synthesized wake as British Sea Power rows you "from the sea to the land beyond."

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