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A London architect (Jude Law) juggles an unhappy girlfriend (Robin Penn Wright), and an affair with a Bosnian refugee (Juliette Binoche) spurred by break-ins at his new office. (Europe is so much cooler: The crimes are committed by juveniles highly skilled in that urban pastime/sport parkour.) Anthony Minghella's drama quickly devolves into a muddle of predictable musings -- white Yuppie guilt, uneasy immigrants, gentrification, people who can't commit. It's sudsy entertainment for a while, despite its simplistic over-arching metaphor: Stuff must be broken to be mended (or entered). There's a crew of worthy actors; Law, in particular, has mastered the role of Cool Britannia philandering charmer. The intersection of two Londons is mildly provocative, if not fully explored, but the resolution is particularly unsatisfying. Despite its nods to unconventional relationships and oh-so-modern solutions, it may as well have been imported from a dusty Andy Hardy feature. Starts Fri., March 2. Manor (AH) [capsule review]

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