Breakin' All the Rules | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Not many rules get broken in the making of this mostly inoffensive comedy from Daniel Taplitz about a bunch of good-looking, lively, well-heeled, reasonably intelligent people who have trouble forming relationships. Jamie Foxx gets dumped by his vacuous model girlfriend (well, good riddance!), and in his fortnight of affected melodrama ends up penning a successful how-to-break-up book. His best bud Morris Chestnut immediately puts it to use: Hoping to break up with his gal Danielle Union, Chestnut asks Foxx to pretend he's him to lay some groundwork. Soon as you can say "snap, seen this before!" Union, Fox, Chestnutt and a couple other stray characters are all dating, breaking up and dating some more. It's a farce, so it doesn't have to make that much sense, but Breakin', aiming for the lighter side of Buppie travails, isn't nearly as funny or clever as it needs to be. When a drunk pug gets all the big laughs, you know the actors (who do their best) don't have nearly enough to work with. 2 cameras

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