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Braids, comfort, and a pop of color

Clothes Make ... Luxurae Hair owner Mia Marshall

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CP Photo: Tereneh Idia
Mia Marshall in front of Pittsburgh artist Wavy Wednesday's mural in Wilkinsburg
Name: Mia Marshall
Pronouns: She/her
Title: Owner of Luxurae Hair
Instagram: @miarashawnmarshall and @Luxurae_Hair

Clothes Make featured guests get to select where they are photographed. What made you pick this location? [In front of Pittsburgh artist Wavy Wednesday’s “Ardmore Goddess” mural, at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Ardmore Boulevard in Wilkinsburg.]

It’s a stand out piece to me, and I just love how vibrant and noticeable she is when you drive by the building she’s on. I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to shoot.

How would you define your style?

Over the years, my style has evolved. Currently, I love a stand-out piece or two, whether it's with my hair, jewelry, my shoes, etc., something is going to catch your eye. However, at my core, comfort is the most important thing for me. No matter the occasion, I have to feel comfortable in it! I’m also trying not to overthink my outfits, and I just try to remember to let it flow. That’s when I feel my best.

Who are your style inspirations?

Everyday people, whether it’s online or in person. I have no problem asking somebody where they got a certain piece or just giving a compliment. I’ll remember a certain look.
click to enlarge Braids, comfort, and a pop of color
CP Photo: Tereneh Idia
Mia Marshall and her Air Max from Nike

Do you dress differently for your various roles, and if so, in what way?

Since I work for myself and the majority of the time from my home, I have the freedom to dress however I would like. So sometimes it can be a challenge for me to transition from my home to outdoors. But I think that challenge helps me to get creative and not lose my sense of style.

Do you have any gifts from someone that you wear often or every day?

I got a Brandon Blackwood bag for my birthday from my friends, and I instantly loved it. It's a bookbag-style bag and when I got it, I wore it for two months straight. I have a habit of, when I love something, I wear it into the ground.

I love your braids, I was embarrassed to show up today with my DIY twists. I had to wear a hat to cover up the beginnings since you are such a professional. When I think of summer, I think of braids and twists. What is summer like for you as a hair braider, and what style trends are you seeing? And do you have appointments available? ;)

So summer is always busy for me, which I’m very grateful for. I have been booked almost every day this year and right now, I’m booked until August! Lol. Since starting almost two years ago, Luxurae has definitely grown and I’ve done many different styles. I’ve found the most popular braiding style that I come across are Knotless Box Braids in all sizes, lengths, and colors. My clients always comment on how lightweight and long lasting that style is for them. I think longevity is the key with that style.
click to enlarge Braids, comfort, and a pop of color
CP Photo: Tereneh Idia
Mia Marshall flashes a pop of color.

I love the tonal neutral look of this outfit and then the pop of color from the gold in the hair, to the gold on your ears, fingers, wrists. Then, the amazing nails and Nikes and, of course, the Hot Pink Telfar! Please tell me everything about what you’re wearing.

So hair by me, the oversized button up is from ASOS, black shirt and shirts from Forever 21, Air Max from Nike, and Small Azalea Telfar. I can’t remember where I got my accessories from, but this outfit is a versatile look for me. I can wear it in the house, out to eat/shop, and if I would like to go out after, I can do that too. To be honest, I had a completely different outfit in mind, but it wasn’t fitting my mood. I’m glad I went with this look!

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