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A predictable road movie – has some sightseeing, few insights

Three middle-aged women -- recent widow (Jessica Lange), salty pal (Kathy Bates) and good Mormon wife (Joan Allen) -- fire up a '66 Bonneville convertible for a road trip from Idaho to California. If you guessed that this is also a trip into the women's personal growth, and that along the way there will be plot-altering car trouble, sage fellow travelers and the glimmer of a new romance, you'd be 100 percent right. Because, frankly, who hasn't seen this film before? Christopher Rowley's dramedy is just a notch above a Lifetime film; I'll give a couple points for pretty sunsets over various Southwestern vistas. What made me a little emotional, though, wasn't the hackneyed storyline, but the waste of three great actresses in this lightweight outing. Starts Fri., March 21. Manor (AH) [capsule review]

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