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Adam Sandler family-themed comedy is less vulgar , but only so-so funny


It starts as a blind date gone wrong (at Hooters, natch) between Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and ends up in the happily ever after. In between, our two love matches — each a single parent — take their broods on an awkward shared vacation to a South Africa resort, where common ground is found at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Frank Coraci's comedy employs the kinder, gentler Adam Sandler, though you should not infer a recommendation; it's less vulgar than usual, but for plot and wit, it barely rises above those exotically located Brady Bunch episodes. (The audience did laugh agreeably, but it was Terry Crews, as a manic Greek-chorus-style entertainer, who stole the show.)

Curiously, the film whiffs its best feature: visiting a scenic place. The gang barely leaves the hotel! Nearly 30 years ago, Little Steven Van Zandt sang about how we shouldn't support Sun City, the South African resort featured in this film. Apartheid is no more, but this cheesily themed resort looks like "Africa, Orlando's newest place for fun in the sun." I'd still stay away.

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