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Black November Spotlight: Simone

Cover Art: Jordan Beckham

BLKNVMBR (Black November) is a month-long promotion of audio and visual works of Black R&B musicians and artists. While the name suggests a November-only operation, BLKNVMBR hopes to be a year-round asset of skill sharing, resource pooling, career development, performance opportunities, and moral support for artists.

Creators of Black November, INEZ and Clara Kent, knew they couldn't highlight Black R&B artists in Pittsburgh without the inclusion of Simone Davis, known mononymously as Simone.

"There’s a big reason why I completely geek out when it comes to Simone Davis," says INEZ over email. "She is THEE quintessential R&B voice. Her pathos, her tone, and her control contain all the makings of the foundational R&B vocalist. When she makes you feel, she truly makes you FEEL. Simone sings on records, but then you see her live and you’re like, 'Yup, sis is the real deal.' Not to mention she is a PERFORMER. You can absolutely tell Simone is a studied artist, one who takes the time to polish and critically plan her stage performances from every angle."

While seeing Simone perform may not be an option at the moment, her debut EP Layers, is available to stream on most platforms. Her voice can best be described as an intrinsic vocal blend of gospel, blues, soul and R&B. Take a listen and see if you agree.

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