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Black November Spotlight: Robin Grayson

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Robin Grayson
BLKNVMBR (Black November) is a month-long promotion of audio and visual works of Black R&B musicians and artists. While the name suggests a November-only operation, BLKNVMBR hopes to be a year-round asset of skill sharing, resource pooling, career development, performance opportunities, and moral support for artists.

Closing out the first week of Black November is independent artist Robin Grayson. Today, she released her debut EP, Hold You Down. The project is dreamy and passionate, with Grayson's vocals on the forefront.

"Hold You Down is my first EP and a continuation of a long-held dream of being a musician," she says. "This EP is the beginning of my journey, but a restoration of sorts for me. I want to create music that has soul, depth, and passion. Hold You Down is a wave of my raw emotions, heart, soul, and life. Lyric by lyric, I let my truth move through my voice and pen. While life has its ups and downs, I hope to inspire listeners to keep going through their tempest; Hold You Down is a testament to that."

With three short tracks, Hold You Down is just a taste of the magic to come from Grayson, and the first step into her dream as a self-sustaining artist. It's an incredibly strong debut, and the promise of a musician to keep an eye on.

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