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Black November Spotlight: JROUZ3

click to enlarge COVER ART BY SHAINA SMITH
Cover Art by Shaina Smith
BLKNVMBR (Black November) is a month-long promotion of audio and visual works of Black R&B musicians and artists. While the name suggests a November-only operation, BLKNVMBR hopes to be a year-round asset of skill sharing, resource pooling, career development, performance opportunities, and moral support for artists.

For the final week of Black November, JROUZ3, affectionately known as “Shua,” released his debut EP, THE Demo 3P. Up until now, he spent his rhythmic adventures behind the scenes, working as a musical director and instructor.

"JROUZ3, is an extremely talented being. I am honored to know him as a brother, HomewoodSoundMachine bandmate, and as my Music Director," says Pittsburgh artist INEZ, one half of Black November's creators. "I will admit, I didn’t know how amazing his gift truly was until his Pittsburgh’s Very Own 4 performance. Watching him sing his own original songs, playing keys, and absolutely commanding the audience, it was a magical and humbling moment. The man can SANG! The way he thinks of harmony and musical ideas, I am so honored to help present his debut, THE Demo EP to the world. JROUZ3 describes it as, 'a brief culmination of ideas and feelings that allow you to join me on the emotional rollercoaster that is romantic relationships.' We’re ready sir, we’re ready."

THE Demo 3P ushers a new, substantial voice into the Pittsburgh music scene. After listening to the three-track release, there's no denying the aptitude JROUZ3 has as a vocalist. He sings with an unabashed and heartfelt quality that easily captivates listeners.

Black November has given the chance for new artists to step into the spotlight, and JROUZ3 is one to keep an eye on.

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