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New Local Release: Bjordan's Petty Hit Machine

Petty Hit Machine

Petty Hit Machine
is an electro-pop EP that voyages through sadness and self-doubt, while using tongue-in-cheek humor and sarcasm to lighten the heaviness of the load. Bjordan’s vocals are smooth and easy, pairing well with the ’80s-leaning synth work which provides a backbone for the EP.

Much of this album is a balancing act between confessing a deep sadness and presenting a sound that makes you want to dance around your bedroom. Lyrics like, “I wrote it down: ‘Don’t off yourself, and brush your teeth before bed’” (“Million Dollar Moment”) are juxtaposed with lyrics like, “That girl loves Britney Spears, felt well-connected through her tragic years” (“Bad Boy, Sad Boy”). All the while, bright synths illuminate the gloom, and drum machines stir up a frenzy in your feet. 

For Fans Of: Depeche Mode, Robyn, Stranger Things soundtrack

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