BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2 | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Once again the unfunny Martin Lawrence plays an FBI agent who goes undercover as "Big Momma," a mammy with an attitude, in order to stop a computer virus. John P. Whitesell's sequel to the 2000 hit (which, come to think of it, wasn't particularly clever or funny) is utterly bereft of fresh ideas. We plow through such dusty gags as extra-large underwear, having one's costume catch on fire, the man-in-the-ladies'-locker-room routine, and pretending to be Bo Derek in 10 (a joke dated 1979!). Even Lawrence looks pained, but at least he's cashing a paycheck. Beyond its comic lameness, BMH2 is borderline offensive: Aren't we past laughing at overweight, uneducated people of color? And shouldn't there be a moratorium on the "uplifting message" that uptight white people need a sassy black servant to set 'em straight and show 'em how to dance? (AH)

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