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Big Hero 6

Science saves the day in Disney's new animated actioner

Short version: Some scientifically minded young adults — plus one health-care robot — create various tools in order to defeat a villain (also a scientist), in this digitally animated family action-adventure from Disney. (Don Hall and Chris Williams direct.) As expected, the animation is top-notch, and the film moves at a good clip. The action takes place in the near future, in the U.S.-Japanese hybrid city of San Fransokyo, which offers lots of visual flair. (What about that 1980s fear that the Japanese would take over America?) Kids should enjoy Big Hero 6: It has bright colors, soaring flying scenes and a huggable (toy-ready) robot. Adults may be amazed at how pro-STEM this "cartoon" is; it's like a stealth campaign to get boys and girls to embrace the exhilarating disciplines of chemistry, robotics and engineering. It makes a nice change of pace from princesses, songs and talking animals.

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