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Best Spot for Eavesdropping: The Bus

Fruits of PAT transit

Forced into haiku form

Eavesdropping stanzas

"Lisping Man, Afternoon, 51C"

Hell, no! You don't touch

A cat's paws -- not unless you

Want all hell to pay!

"Hipster, Noon, 67H"

OK, it's not actually

in Manhattan -- it's more

like an hour-and-a-half away

"Pitt Slacker, Rush Hour, 61C"

It's not cool like my

last job, but I just surf the

Internet anyway

"Sweet Old Lady, Morning, EBA"

It's sore yet but at

Least I don't have to wear that

Fucking thing anymore

"Curmudgeon, Morning, 61B"

I'm from Uniontown,

But I don't go home much now.

I don't like the South.

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