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Free Psychic Reading Online: Best Psychic Sites For Live Chat Readings

Most people use psychic readings to get a head start on life. Psychics are people gifted with the ability to predict a person's future. Although not consistently accurate, they help assure a person that things might turn out okay or help them make significant life decisions.

Sometimes, the results of these readings only come to confirm what you might already know or give you a new perspective. You can trust these readings to be accurate; what you do after with the information is all up to you.

This article researched some of the best online psychic reading platforms available today. We sort out to find out which are the most trusted platforms and the kind of services they offer. It was not surprising to discover the remarkable differences between these platforms.

5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2023

  1. Purple Garden: Most Accurate Psychic Reading Site Online, Editor’s Pick
  2. Keen: Top Rated Psychic Medium For Tarot Card Reading
  3. Kasamba: Recommended Platform For Astrology Reading (FREE 3 Mins & 50% OFF)
  4. Psychic Oz: Highly Experienced Psychic Readers (First 3 Mins FREE)
  5. Mystic Sense: Best Fortune Telling & Psychic Reading Website (5 Min FREE)

#1.Purple Garden: Most Accurate Psychic Reading Site Online, Editor’s Pick

Purple Garden is a highly-reputable online psychic reading platform – a sister network to Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics.

The platform provides clients with affordable and accurate psychic reading services via chats or video recordings. The most commonly covered areas include career, love, relationships, finances, and general life advice.


You can either access their services by using their website or, for more convenience, download their mobile application, where you can also have access to their vast pool of psychics.

Purple Garden's services are available 24/7, making it convenient for its clients. Also, they have a mobile app, which makes it even easier since you can access the services anywhere at any time.

Purple Garden works as an intermediary – the purpose is to link online psychic readers to clients looking to get an online reading on various aspects of their life. It is why we could not find any reviews on the site. Most of the clients' reviews were geared towards individual psychics.

Each of their psychics has their profile on the platform. Therefore, if you want to find out more about any one of them, you need to click on their profile and scroll down for more information.

From their profile, you can see how long they have been an active member on the platform, how many clients they have worked with, and the psychics rating from these clients.

All vital information will guide you when deciding which psychic should do your reading.


  • Reputable Online Psychic Reading Platform
  • They have a vast pool of qualified psychics
  • They offer convenience to their clients as they can conduct readings either through video recordings or chats.
  • Their services are available 24/7
  • They offer a wide range of psychic reading services
  • Psychic profiles have detailed information to guide you when making a decision


  • They do not have favorable customer guarantee policies
  • Services differ in price depending on the psychic, length of the reading, and type of reading

Customer Reviews

We looked into customer reviews to try and establish the credibility of their services. Generally, we can say that clients immensely love their services.

From the many positive feedbacks we came across, it seems that Purple Garden is a credible and reliable platform.

Additionally, they have a well-designed website and mobile app that offers a smooth and seamless browsing experience. It is easy to navigate and search for suitable psychic matches.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Purple Garden”

#2.Keen: Top Rated Psychic Medium For Tarot Card Reading

Keen is a highly-reputable online psychic reading platform that has been around for the longest time – since 1999. They have, over the years, served over 30 million clients worldwide and have built a good rapport for themselves in the industry.

Keen is an online psychic reading platform that offers live advice to its clients through its wide range of psychic readers. With this platform, you will likely find a suitable match within minutes since they are diverse in their backgrounds and services.


  • Easy-to-use

To access psychic reading services at Keen, you need to first register as a user. When signing up, you will only be required to provide your email address and birthdate.

As soon as you sign up, Keen will direct you to a page where you will find their list of over 1000 psychic readers. Luckily, they have a filter option through which you can refine your search with options like psychic rating, price, 'available online, etc.

Keen can also come in to help you if you are stuck with making a decision. They have a straightforward questionnaire that you can fill and based on your answers; they will match you with a suitable psychic.

Additionally, the platform is very convenient since the psychics are often always available. They also have a mobile app that makes it easier to use their service while on the move.

  • Free Trials

Keen understands that it can be difficult for anyone to trust their services, primarily if they use online psychic reading for the first time. Therefore, to help build trust with their clients, they usually offer free trials of up to 3 minutes to help the clients get a gist of what to expect during their reading.

Typically, a reading often ranges from $1.99 to $9.99 per minute. The specific price will depend on the individual psychic, type of reading, duration of the reading, etc.

  • Types of Services Offered

The platform features readers who offer a vast range of psychic reading services such as career, finances, love and relationships, astrology reading, tarot card readings, dream explorations, etc.

There is something for everyone at Keen.


  • Reputable psychic reading platform

  • Easy to access psychic reading services

  • They offer free 3-minutes trials to their clients

  • They offer a wide range of psychic reading services

  • Have a mobile application

  • Up to $25 money-back guarantee of unsatisfied with their services

  • A vast pool of psychic readers to choose from


  • Their famous psychics offer their services at a very high price rate

  • No-video call reading is available

  • The duration of their free trial is concise to build a rapport

Customer Reviews

Keen is one of the most reputable online psychics reading platforms. Customers seem to have nothing but positive remarks about their services. And the fact that they have been in business for over two decades goes to solidify their credibility.

They have an excellent and helpful team of customer care personnel who quickly respond to issues.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Keen”

#3.Kasamba: Recommended Platform For Astrology Reading (FREE 3 Mins & 50% OFF)

Kasamba has been classified as among the leading and most trusted online psychic reading platforms. The company has been in business for over 20 years, a time in which they have helped serve over 4 million clients globally.

As a result, they have a vast pool of psychic readers registered on their website, offering a wide range of services.

The top priority at Kasamba is to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. They always do their best to ensure their clients are satisfied and work even harder to maintain their standards.


  • Highly experienced psychic readers

Clients are often quite hesitant about seeking online psychic reading services because, most often than not, they cannot verify the credibility of online psychic readers.

With Kasamba, however, clients' worries are put to rest since the company has a strict policy on working with experienced readers. In addition, they have a strict vetting process for vetting readers before signing them up for their platform.

This level of professionalism has helped them build a good brand reputation and foster trust with their clients.

  • Communication

Psychics at Kasamba are very flexible with their modes of communication, making it very convenient for the different clients they serve. At Kasamba, the available modes of communication include live chats, calls, and emails.

In addition, services are available 24/7; hence you can always fit a reading any time in your schedule.

Additionally, they have a mobile app you can download on your android or iPhone to use their services on the go.

  • Types of Readings Available

The psychic readers on their platform are skilled at offering different reading services. Some of the most popularly requested services include love and relationships, tarot card readings, dreams analysis, career, finances, and astrology reading.

  • Pricing

Before committing to a specific psychic reader, Kasamba offers their first-time clients a free 3-minutes reading to help them get a gist of what to expect during the readings.

It also helps first-time clients decide which reader to choose for their reading. They also offer a 70% discount to their first-time clients.

Pricing often differs from one reader to another based on several factors such as the duration of the reading, the reader's experience, the type of reading, etc.

Generally, you can expect to pay from as low as $1.99 per minute to $30 per minute from the platform.


  • They have an extensive network of highly vetted psychic readers

  • They offer a wide range of psychic reading services

  • Attractive discounts for their first-time clients and a free 3-minute trial offer

  • They offer free resources on daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes

  • Money-back guarantee to clients unsatisfied with their services.


  • Navigating through their website can be overwhelming since they have no search filters.

  • They do not offer video call readings.

Customer Reviews

Clients who have used Kasamba before having positive remarks about their services - the dedication and commitment this team puts towards serving their clients are unmatched.

Since they vet their readers, you can be guaranteed to receive the best online psychic reading services you can find online. Hence why we highly recommend Kasamba for your psychic readings.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kasamba”

#4.Psychic OZ: Highly Experienced Psychic Readers (First 3 Mins FREE)

Psychic OZ is yet another one of the longest-serving psychic reading platforms. For over thirty years, the company has been in business, providing its services globally.

Over the years, the platform has grown its network of readers and developed a good rapport with its clients.

In addition, their dedication and commitment to offering quality service standards have helped them build a good reputation for their brand, one that clients can trust to date.


  • Easy Access

The platform has a user-friendly website interface that first-time clients find easy to use. All the services you need to access are readily available on the menu bar.

In addition, they have a specific section set aside for their list of readers. Clients can research readers' profiles to find the most suitable match.

  • Modes of Communication

Readers on Psychic OZ are flexible with their modes of communication. The available channels include phone calls, online chats, and email responses. The flexibility makes it convenient for users to choose their most preferred option.

  • Strict Verification Process

Clients can rest assured of receiving quality and legit services from Psychic OZ. The company strictly vets its readers before signing them up on its platform. The vetting process involves verifying their credibility, years of experience, workflow process, etc.

To promote transparency with their clients, the company ensures to inform their clients about the tools used by psychic readers.

Due to this strict hiring process, you will notice that Psychic OZ has fewer readers than the previously mentioned platforms.

  • Pricing

There are no specific price rates listed on their platform because rates often differ depending on the reader based on several considerations.

Before requesting a reading, you will see the price range of the reader on their profile. Similarly, you can also request to know the price from the reader before proceeding any further.


  • They have a strict hiring process for their readers

  • Transparent and secure online payment systems

  • They offer valuable tips on navigating and getting the most out of online psychic readings.


  • No satisfaction guarantee to their clients

  • No refund policies

Customer Reviews

There is no feedback on the company as a whole. Instead, the online feedback was from users talking about their personal experiences with individual psychic readers. Nevertheless, these clients have everything good to say about their experiences.

However, one concern that we noted was that clients seemed to believe that psychics should not be left to determine their rates. Sometimes, the psychics tend to be expensive, which can feel exploitative to the client.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Psychic Oz”

#5.Mystic Sense: Best Fortune Telling & Psychic Reading Website (5 Min FREE)

#5 on the list is Mystic Sense, a reputable online psychic reading service with a vast network of experienced psychic readers. The company was founded in 2005 and had, over the years, helped serve millions of clients worldwide.

The psychics on their platform offer many services, including love and relationship, fortune-telling, astrology reading, tarot card reading, and dream analysis, among many other services.

The platform offers a great starting point for clients new to psychic reading and those seeking a fresh perspective.


  • Pricing

Of all the platforms we have mentioned in this article, Mystic Sense offers the best rates with pricing. Therefore, if you are interested in using their services, you can easily make inquiries at no additional fees.

Similarly, they offer free 5-minute trials to their clients to help them get insight into what to expect during the readings and help them decide which reader to pick.

  • Easy-to-use Website

Their website features an easy-to-use website interface suitable for new clients. In addition, since they have a vast network of readers to choose from, they have provided a filter option that allows clients to refine their search options based on price, type of reading, etc.

  • Communication Methods

Psychic readers at Mystic Senses offer great flexibility to their clients with their mode of communication options. You can access a psychic reading via phone, text, video call, or email.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Mystic Sense has a dedication and commitment to providing the best services to its clients.

They only work with experienced psychic readers who are vetted before they are signed up to the platform.

Additionally, they have a refund policy in which they promise to refund clients their money if they are unsatisfied with the services offered at any particular reading.

The refund, however, is not in cash but in Mystic minutes. You can use these minutes to get additional minutes with a new psychic reader during your next reading.


  • Strict vetting for their readers

  • They have a mobile app you can download and use their services at your convenience.

  • Reputable psychic reading platform

  • They offer free 5-minutes trials to their readers


  • No money-back policy

Customer Review

There are thousands of positive online reviews from previous clients who are pretty satisfied with their services. With their years of experience, it is no surprise that they come highly recommended.

Clients seem to love that they offer a wide range of services on their platform, and their psychic readers are highly experienced and hence very reliable.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Mystic Sense”

Things to Consider When Taking An Online Psychic Reading Service

Online Psychic reading platforms are a much-welcomed change, especially for people who could otherwise not access psychic readers from where they stay.

However, with the rise in popularity, many unethical practitioners who are only looking to make money from this business opportunity have emerged. Therefore, you need to consider which platforms or readers to trust.

Below is a list of factors you should consider whenever you outsource an online psychic reading:


Above all things, you need to make sure you are compatible with your psychic reader – you must choose someone you feel comfortable sharing the intricate parts of your life with.

Most platforms offer the clients a free trial; use this to your advantage to learn a psychic personality.

Choosing a person you are comfortable with goes a long way in making the whole experience worthwhile.

Brand Reputation

There are several online psychic reading platforms available today. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between a fake and a legit platform. However, you can use a company's experience to help you determine this.

For instance, we recommend you choose online platforms that have been in business for a long time. There is a big chance they are good at their services, hence why they have managed to stick around for that long.

Second, look into the psychics they work with. With the platforms mentioned in this article, you can be guaranteed they have the most experienced psychic readers on their network. Hence, you are likely to get value for your money for any service rendered.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback often offers the most invaluable insights on the experience expectations you can have when using any service.

Therefore, before deciding, you need to research credible review sites and social media platforms to determine what clients have to say about specific services.

Also, please keep in mind that customer feedback varies from one person to another; therefore, keep an open mind about what experiences you expect when making a decision.

Free Trials

To help you save on money, you need to find platforms that offer free trial minutes for their psychic readings. The number of minutes often differs from one platform to another, but the more minutes, the better.

Additionally, trial minutes are significant as they help clients understand what to expect during their reading.

It also helps clients assess the psychic readers to help them determine if they are a suitable match for them or not – this helps to eliminate uncertainties and disappointment since most platforms do not offer money-back guarantees.

Modes of Communication

There are several modes of communication online psychic readers can use to reach out to their clients. Some of the most common methods include video calls, email responses, phone calls, live readings, and chats.

We would highly recommend you choose an online psychic who offers flexibility in the mode of communication. It makes it easier for you to fit a psychic reading into your schedule.

Also, this variety helps to accommodate different types of people. For example, if clients are shy, they might opt not to do a video call and instead chat with the psychic during their sessions.

In addition to this, it is essential to note that online psychic reading platforms operate 24/7. Therefore, you can always access a psychic to do your very convenient reading regardless of time or place.

Online Psychic VS Offline Psychic

There is a changing narrative in the way businesses operate these days. As you might have already noticed, many businesses are shifting from offline and now occupying the online space. Even business that we previously would have never imagined being conducted online, such as Psychic reading.

Online Psychic reading is an entirely new concept that might take some adjusting to get used to. However, it is already a reality for us, and we have to embrace change as it comes. This section will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of online psychic reading instead of offline psychic reading.

Advantages of Online vs. Offline Psychic

Availability: Online psychic reading services are available 24/7 throughout the year. It is impossible to see with offline psychics since so many factors might hinder one from opening their business.

Convenience: You can access a psychic reading anytime and from anywhere. Unlike offline psychics, where you have to travel, sometimes for miles, to see a psychic reader, it is not guaranteed that you will have an opportunity on the same day; hence you have to book an appointment for a later day.

Discounts: There is a lot of competition online for clients since there has been a rapid increase in online psychic reading platforms. Most businesses will go the extra mile to attract clients to their website, which often involves offering unbeatable discounts and offers.

Privacy: With online psychics, you do not have to go face-to-face. There are several options on the mode of communication; hence you can choose one that you are very comfortable with

Disadvantages of Online vs. Offline Psychic

Lack of one-on-one connection might make it impossible for the psychic to offer accurate advice since they sometimes need to observe your body language, listen to your tone, etc.

Likelihood of being scammed. There are so many online psychic reading platforms. Unfortunately, some are only on the market to ride on the wave and scam unsuspecting clients.

Lack of authenticity: It is easy for anyone to forge a profile and qualifications with online platforms.

It can be costly: Online sessions are often strictly timed since clients are charged by the minute. Sometimes, a psychic reading can be cut off mid-way due to time restrictions, and there is no way to access extra time unless you pay for it.

FAQs About Psychic Reading

Q1. Why should I trust a psychic reading?

Some people are superstitious about psychic readings; hence if asked, they would instead not engage, so whether or not you trust an online psychic is a matter of choice.

If you are among the few who believe in psychic reading, you can seek a psychic reading whenever you need to.

Q2. How Can I Tell if a psychic reader is legit?

One way of determining the credibility of an online psychic reader is by reading clients' feedback. Unfortunately, these are often raw and unedited reviews about their experience working as a psychic.

Second, you should read through the psychic's profile before contacting them. Then, if you feel satisfied with their credentials, you can proceed to ask for your free trial, which is offered by most platforms. From this, you can use your better judgment to assess them.

Always trust your gut feeling.

Q3. What kind of readings can I get from a psychic?

You can discuss nearly anything that might seem to bother you with your psychic in life. The most commonly discussed topics include family, love and relationships, career and finances, dream analysis, tarot card readings, astrology readings, etc. Nothing is off-limits.

Psychic readers often differ in expertise; therefore, you must choose a psychic who is well versed in what you would like to discuss.

Q4. What should I not expect from a reading?

Psychic readers are people gifted with the ability to predict your future. However, you need to keep in mind that they are people like you and me. Therefore, you cannot and should not expect them to have all the answers to your life problems or questions.

If you come across a reader who can claim to predict essential details of your life, such as the exact date of your death, you should end the session since they are likely to be a scam.

Q5. Are free psychic readings accurate and legit?

Many clients are likely to dismiss fee reading as unreliable and a scam. However, we can attest that there are specific free readings that can be legit.

When accessing a free reading, you only need to know the right questions to ask to help you make the most of the reading.

Q6. How best can I prepare for a reading?

First-time clients often get very anxious and nervous about psychic reading. To help you be better prepared for your reading, we advise you to keep your composure, eliminate all expectations, and be ready with the questions you would like to ask.

Being nervous can do you a lot of injustice since you might find yourself straying away from your intended topic, which can waste money.

How can I avoid scam online psychic reading platforms?

You can refer to our guide provided above for the factors to look for when looking for an online psychic.

Similarly, you need to do a lot of research before settling with any company. Again, an extensive background check will help you determine a platform's reputation.

If you do not feel right about a platform or a reader, refrain from contacting them.

Final Thoughts About The Top Online Psychic Readers

It could be wise to get a psychic reading when life doesn't make sense, and you have many things troubling you. It might help you get a fresh perspective on life and help you make informed decisions.

This article has highlighted some of the best online psychic reading platforms we know. We researched each platform and recommended you try either one of them whenever you are ready.

If you need to explore more options, keep in mind all the factors we have discussed, and by doing so, we hope you will find one that is best suited for you.