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Best Of Pittsburgh

Best of Pittsburgh: People and Places

CP Illustration: Josie Norton

Best Business Makeover

Spak Brothers
5107 Penn Ave., Garfield

2nd: The Dog Stop
3rd: Thriftique

Best City Council Member

Corey O'Connor

2nd: Erika Strassburger
3rd: Theresa Kail-Smith

Best Community Leader

Sidney Crosby

2nd: John Fetterman
3rd: Gisele Fetterman

Best Community Nonprofit

412 Food Rescue
6140 Station St., East Liberty

2nd: Animal Friends
3rd: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Best COVID Fundraiser

PGH Artists Emergency Fund
2nd: Bukit Bail Fund
3rd: Industry Free Meal Program by The Warren Bar and Burrow

Best Drag King

Ace Phoenix

2nd: Eddie Alabaster

Best Drag Queen

Lola LeCroix

2nd: Princess Jafar
3rd: Tootsie Snyder

Best Good Cause

412 Food Rescue
6140 Station St., East Liberty

2nd: Animal Friends
3rd: Humane Animal Rescue

Best High End Fashion Designer

Kiya Tomlin
388 Butler St., Etna

2nd: David Alan
3rd: Lauria Pascuzzi

Best Local Blog

Kelclight Styled

2nd: YaJagoff!
3rd: Burgh Brides

Best Local Celeb Rocking a Pittsburgh Accent

Pittsburgh Dad

2nd: Billy Gardell
3rd: Rick Sebak

Best Local Celeb You'd Choose for your Quarantine House

Joe Manganiello

2nd: Jeff Goldblum
3rd: Wiz Khalifa

Best Local Foodie Influencer

Discover the Burgh

2nd: Hungry Grl Big City
3rd: BurghNosh
Worth the Drive: Nate Mass - Washington PA Food

Best Local Instagram Account

Dave DiCello

2nd: Kelsey Breisinger
3rd: 1Hood Media

Best Local Podcast

YaJagoff! Podcast
2nd: Girls Running Shit
3rd (TIE): Greenfield's Finest Podcast
and Drinking Partners

Best Local Political Campaign

Summer Lee

2nd: Lisa Middleman
3rd: Emily Kinkead

Best Local TikTok Account

Carnegie Museum of Natural History

2nd: Weird Paul
3rd: Marty Moment

Best Local Twitter Account

Joey Bag Of Donuts

2nd: Dave DiCello
3rd: 1Hood Media

Best Local Youtube Account

Pittsburgh Dad

2nd: Weird Paul
3rd: WhiteBoard Weather

Best Next Big Thing

Girls Running Shit
2nd: Pittsburgh Curling Club
3rd: Solevo Wellness

Best Person to Challenge Bill Peduto in 2021

Andrew McCutchen

2nd: Summer Lee
3rd: Rick Sebak

Best Place to Socialize with Your Dog

Frick Park
1981 Beechwood Blvd., Regent Square

2nd: Grist House Craft Brewery
3rd: North Park Dog Park

Best Place to Volunteer

412 Food Rescue
6140 Station St., East Liberty

2nd: Animal Friends
3rd: Humane Animal Rescue

Best Street Wear Designer

420 S. 27th St., South Side

2nd: Hippy at Heart
3rd: Bri Conley of Sister Bloom

Best Virtual Fundraiser

Bukit Bail Fund

2nd: Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community
3rd: Hello Bully Photo Contest

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