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Best Of Pittsburgh

Best of 2011: People and Places

Best TV Newscast

KDKA Channel 2
2nd: WTAE Channel 4
3rd: WPXI Channel 11

Best Local Radio Personality

Mikey & Big Bob, KISS-FM
2nd: Jim Krenn, WDVE-FM
3rd: Tim Benz, WXDX-FM

Best-Looking Pittsburgh Celebrity (male)

Hines Ward
2nd: Sidney Crosby
3rd: Troy Polamalu

Best-Looking Pittsburgh Celebrity (female)

Darieth Chisholm
2nd (tie): Sally Wiggin / Wendy Bell

Best Local Twitter

Evgeni Malkin, @malkin71
2nd: Virginia Montanez, @JanePitt
3rd: Mikey, @FSMikey

Best Local Person to Get Off Twitter

Rashard Mendenhall, @ R_Mendenhall (now inactive)
2nd: Luke Ravenstahl, @mayorluke (now inactive)
3rd: Big Bob, @FSBig Bob

Best Public Servant

Bill Peduto
2nd: Luke Ravenstahl
3rd: Natalia Rudiak

Best Pittsburgh Bridge

Smithfield Street Bridge
2nd: Clemente Bridge
3rd: Hot Metal Bridge

Best Reuse of a Building

Church Brew Works
2nd: Armstrong Cork Factory
3rd: Bakery Square

Best Work of Public Art

"Bridge Transformer"
2nd: Mister Rogers statue
3rd: Sprout Fund murals

Best Local Cartoonist/Illustrator

Rob Rogers
2nd: Wayno
3rd: Joe Wos

Best Pittsburgh Zoo Animal

Polar bear
2nd: Elephant
3rd: Penguin

Best Local Sign of the End Times

Earthquake tremors
2nd: Luke Ravenstahl in office
3rd: Pirates winning

Painting Outside the Lines

While voting in our poll, readers also created categories of their own. Here are some of their write-in votes

Best Public Entertainer

Kenny Geidel (Lemonade Guy at PNC Park)
Everyone loved and misses him.

Best Zombie Provocateur

Winner: Professor Emcee Square of the It's Alive show

His unending loyalty to the organization of the undead and the promotion of their nefarious activities

Best Pittsburgh Voice You'll Never Forget

Rick Sebak!

Rick's voice should be declared a natural resource. He has educated and entertained so many Pittsburghers with his distinctive narrative.

Best Stroll Through a Park

Schenley Park under the Panther Hollow Bridge

It's where I proposed to, and then married, my wife.  There's a lot going on down there wildlife-wise as well.

Best Political Kerfuffle

HD TVs for Allegheny County Jail prisoners

Really? Need I say more?

Best Neighborhood to Be Comforted by the Steelers Losing the Super Bowl


This neighborhood is filled with Steelers passion and love. When the game was lost, all you could hear echoing throughout the dormant streets were the cracking of beer cans or the dropping of another empty bottle. 

Best College Course

Rock & Roll: An Unruly History at Duquesne University

3 credits for instant hip

Best Example of Rich vs. Rich Against the Poor

UPMC vs. Highmark

Instead of trying to come to some conclusion, they keep fighting to make sure they come out on top, and the people who need the insurance or the health care get screwed over. Great job, guys!

Best Lifestyle Makeover

Ben Roethlisberger

He has definitely cleaned up his image and turned his life around.

Best Time of My Day

When I leave the '203 for the '224

How do people live in the South Side? Working there is more than enough.  

Best Neighborhood to Have Lived in Before It Was Cool


The only way to get real hipster street cred is to have lived in Lawrenceville before whomever you're speaking to.

Best Environmental Artwork

"Eco-Equation" by David Edwards

His public sculpture in Garfield combines wind-turbine and solar technologies to illuminate a positive message in the form of a symbolic equation in an under-served urban community.

Best Set Designer

Tony Ferrieri

His designs at City Theatre and Quantum are amazing this year. 

Best Place to See Something Unusual

Irma Freeman Center for the Imagination

Some of the best drag and music performances I've seen here. Plus it's a beautiful building and new art goes up all the time.

Best Survey

Pittsburgh City Paper "Best of Poll"

Come on, man — the amount of categories and questions on this poll was EPIC. Well done!


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