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Best of 2006: Word of Mouth

Nebby. It's not just a Pittsburgh word; it's a Pittsburgh tradition. Asking around about things that aren't any of your business, listening to someone else's argument on the 51C ... maybe these are just small-town behaviors. Maybe people in other cities wall themselves off from what's going on around them. But part of what makes Pittsburgh feel like a small town is the way we take an interest in each other -- whether we should or not.

So it's probably no coincidence that, when asked for the best place in Pittsburgh to eavesdrop, respondents in this year's "best of poll" had plenty of suggestions. Nor is it any coincidence that, when asked for their favorite Pittsburgh Web site, they chose -- whose express purpose is to let you listen in, second-hand, on what other people are saying.

But here's the thing: If you want to know the best place to eat in town, or the best club to go dancing, you don't look in the phone book. You don't browse the Internet. You rely on the most authoritative source of all: word of mouth.

And that's what we're giving you in our annual "Best of Pittsburgh" poll: what everybody talks about when they talk about Pittsburgh. So feel free to eavesdrop. You know you want to.

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