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Evgeni Malkin, @malkin71_

In September, Pittsburgh rejoiced when Evgeni Malkin, the Russian-born Penguins forward who in recent years popularized phrases like "My mom is good food" and "I'm score," showed up on Twitter (@malkin71_). Though he was a late entry in this year's "Best of" race, it's little wonder our readers voted him Best Pittsburgh Twitter User. Aside from his many conversations in Russian, he keeps us updated on his day-to-day thoughts and goings-on, along with occasional photos of the Pitt dance team (which he tweeted Sept. 29, with the explanation "Hooooooottttt!!!!!!!!!"). His tweets are nearly all accompanied by numerous parentheses -- presumably smiley emoticons without eyes -- and his occasional put-downs are priceless. He once tweeted at former Penguin, and fellow frequent tweeter, Paul Bissonette: "sorry nasty you are play rookie game)))," and replied to the Dan Bylsma parody account "Evil_Bylsma": "you get drunk quickly, weak))))))." 

Some annotated Geno favorites:

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
Sid spent the first practice with contact.....
On Sept. 29.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
Just jokes I bump Sid in faceoff today...))))
Immediately following the previous tweet. You really had us going for a second there, Geno!

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
just read that the tomato - fruit?? true?
For the record: speaking strictly in botanical terms, yes.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
off the whole day in bed))))
On Oct. 3, the day after the Penguins' final pre-season game, and a few days before the season began in earnest.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
suggest to everyone to escape from work)))
Later on Oct. 3, taunting those of us stuck at our desks.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
for all the heads of all let go from his job, a day of rest))
Yet later the same day, either looking on the bright side of rising unemployment numbers or attempting to reach Zen koan levels of obfuscation.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
you turned this world, thanks for everything Mr.Steve Jobs((((((
It was a tough day for all of us.

malkin71_ Евгений Малкин
Yes im real sorry about my english
Don't be, buddy. Don't ever be sorry.

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