Best Dressed: Heather Abraham

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Best Dressed: Heather Abraham

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Heather Abraham of KDKA

As the host of KDKA’s morning talk show, Pittsburgh Today Live, Heather Abraham is always in the spotlight, which means her outfits are up for public scrutiny. Luckily, viewers approve, selecting the on-air personality as the Best Dressed in town.

“I have always been enamored by Audrey Hepburn’s classic style,” she tells Pittsburgh City Paper. “While I like some prints, I tend to go for solids and a more classic look.”

One might think her wardrobe is huge, considering her occupation, but Abraham says she tries to buy things that will last or can be reused. “In the fall and spring, I like to go through what doesn’t fit anymore and donate those items,” she says.

As for what she chooses to wear, she says it’s “all about what makes me feel comfortable and confident.”

Off-air, she says she’s “all about that mom life: chasing after kids, cooking dinner, going to practices. I try to be as comfortable as possible!” And at KDKA, where she’s worked since 2010, she credits a partnership with Macy’s and Simon. “The stylists, by the way, are free to use and have helped me tremendously in finding what works best for my body type.”

The outfit she chose for City Paper’s photoshoot has her in a fire leather skirt, a beautifully colored blouse, and a chic sky-blue mani. “This is an outfit chosen between me and the Macy’s stylist at Ross Park Mall, Kim Macek,” she shares. “I really love separates and, when I saw the skirt, I knew I wanted it. We searched for a fun top that was neutral but added a little contrast. As for the nails, getting routine manicures is relatively new for me. I love Perfect 10 and the owner, Heather. Getting my nails done somehow oddly makes me feel like my life is not in utter chaos!”

Appreciating her own body has been a journey, she tells City Paper, but says she’s “here for it now” and encourages others to focus on their self confidence.

“As someone once said to me, ‘Isn’t it amazing all that our bodies allow us to do? Run, swim, walk, play, hug.’ So love yourself,” Abraham says, “and your style and natural beauty will shine.”

Heather Abraham.