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Best Delta 8 Brands - 11 Top Brands for THC Edibles in 2023

From gummies to cartridges to flowers and more, the THC market is currently exploding with Delta 8 products. But how do you know you’re buying from a reputable cannabis industry? How do you know what to purchase in the first place?

In this article, we’ll review the eleven best Delta 8 leading brands, including the companies that make them and everything they offer. Our top pick is FAB CBD for their holistic approach to health, starting with their Delta 8 products.

We’ll finish up with our fool-proof buying guide and by answering some of your most pressing frequently asked questions.

By the time you’ve read this article, you’ll be a Delta 8 expert, ready to shop for precisely what you want.

Best Delta 8 Brands and Products − First Look

Let’s take a quick look at the reputable brands that made the list before reviewing them in more detail below.

  1. FAB CBD - Overall best Delta 8 brand

  2. Delta Extrax − Best infusions and terpenes

  3. BudPop − Best for vegans

  4. Exhale Wellness − Best money-back guarantee

  5. EightySix - Best for limited budgets

  6. 3Chi − Great tasting edibles

  7. TREhouse - Delicious Delta 8 Vapes

  8. Mystic Labs - Best for elevating body and mind

  9. Binoid - Best for unique products

  10. Diamond CBD − Best variety

  11. MoonWlkr − Quality gluten-free products

1. FAB CBD - Overall Best Delta 8 Brand

Available Products: Gummies / Tinctures / Vape Pens / Capsules / Topicals

FAB CBD has established itself as a prominent player in the CBD industry, and their Delta 8 product line continues to uphold their brand reputation for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

With a strong emphasis on research and development, FAB CBD strives to create products that support overall well-being and enhance the quality of life for its customers.

Through sustainable farming methods, they source their Delta 8 THC from reputable hemp plant cultivators and use rigorous testing procedures to ensure that their products are free from harmful contaminants. Third-party laboratory testing confirms the potency and purity of their high-quality products, giving consumers confidence in their safety and efficacy.

FAB CBD frequently offers special deals and discounts, particularly for first-time buyers and regular customers. Subscription options provide additional savings and the convenience of automatic deliveries, ensuring you never run out of your favorite FAB CBD Delta 8 products.

The cannabis industry also has an impressive rewards program, with which you can earn points for every dollar you spend, plus more if you follow the company’s social media account, write reviews, and more. 10 points earned takes a dollar off your purchases, and you get 50 points simply for signing up!

What truly sets FAB CBD apart is their commitment to holistic well-being. They don't just focus on Delta 8 THC themselves, but also provide a wealth of educational resources on their website.

These resources empower consumers with knowledge about Delta 8, its numerous benefits, usage, and safety considerations.

FAB CBD’s Delta 8 product line is a standout choice for individuals seeking a premium Delta 8 THC experience. Whether you're a newcomer to Delta 8 THC or an experienced enthusiast, FAB CBD offers a comprehensive and trustworthy solution to enhance your wellness journey.

>>Subscribe and save with FAB CBD’s Delta 8 products

2. Delta Extrax - Best Infusions and Terpenes

Available Products: Bundles / Cartridges / Concentrates / Disposables / Edibles / Infused Hemp Flower / Tinctures / Gummies

Delta Extrax makes its bones as one of the best brands for premium Delta 8 THC products right now.

The brand’s high-quality hemp-derived product selection is quite wide, and most products come in various sizes and strains that most competitors don’t offer.

The brand touts all-natural ingredients, plant-based quality ingredients. And unlike most of the best Delta 8 THC brands, they like to keep ingredients to the minimum, which means they’re more considerate of your health.

Not to mention they also extensively test their products in third-party labs to provide you with the purest, highest quality Delta 8 THC products possible. What’s more, the Delta brand is transparent enough to give you access to third-party lab reports.

We understand how appealing the quality product range is.

But for a start, you might want to get a taste of their infused hemp flowers. These best Delta 8 flowers come in terpene-rich delicious flavors of Bubba Kush, Sour Diesel, and White Rhino for a centered, calming, or uplifting experience, depending on the strain you go with.

If you’re new to Delta 8 THC, the site has an exclusive and educative Delta 8 THC learning center to show you around the D8 and the bigger cannabis market.

Since Delta Extrax is a premium brand, you might find some products are a little on the pricey side. But you can take advantage of the regular sales and discounts.

Additionally, for the ultimate Delta 8 THC connoisseur (or for someone who hasn’t made up their mind yet), you can get a number of Delta 8 products as a discounted bundle instead of buying each separately.

>>Get your infusions and terpenes from Delta Extrax

3. BudPop - Best for Vegans

Available Products: Gummies / Cartridges / Flowers / Oil

First, let’s just take a second to appreciate how great BudPop’s “Pop Plants, not Pills” motto aptly summarizes their most potent brand.

To back up their motto, BudPop makes their products non-GMO and vegan friendly. On top of that, they’re also lab tested for product quality and harmful substances, with accessible lab test results on their site.

We like BudPop’s commitment to trying to make shopping easier and faster for clients, especially newer Delta 8 THC experienced users.

On the shop section, the site has a Which Delta-8 Product is Right for You? click up to help give a personalized suggestion of the best product for you depending on your age, sex, weight, and goals.

Furthermore, there are tons of blogs for tips, hacks, and news on dosage and how to glean the most benefits out of your Delta 8 products.

With just delta 8 carts, flowers, gummies, and oil, BudPop isn’t really quite the collector. But believe me, the gummies are the holy grail here. These broad-spectrum, Delta 8 infused gummies come in three candied delicious flavors of Strawberry Gelato, Blue Dream, and Watermelon Zkittlez for a nice warm buzz.

How does a 20% discount on your first order sound?

Better yet, BudPop assures you of fast US shipping, with free shipping on all orders.

Lastly, you can get something within your price range with the price slider. And, all your purchases are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee to help you shop with confidence.

>>Find vegan-friendly Delta 8 products from BudPop

4. Exhale Wellness - Best Money-Back Guarantee

Available Products: Gummies / Delta 8 Flower / Carts / Disposables / Edibles / Pre-rolls / Cigarettes / Dabs wax / Oil / Capsules

Exhale Wellness has built a long-standing brand reputation on producing its Delta 8 products from organic hemp plants and quality ingredients - all while adhering to non-GMO hemp plant processing techniques.

For further caution, all the hemp products are third-party lab tested, with public lab test reports, to ensure you only consume safe, high-grade, and potent Delta 8 THC products.

You’ll like that the brand’s Delta 8 THC products are all full-spectrum, so you get to glean the potential recreational and medicinal health benefits of different natural cannabinoids.

With the newly added dosage charts, Exhale Wellness might have found the missing piece to their puzzle. The dosage charts work well toward customer satisfaction and guide clients in getting the most out of their products safely.

If you’re new to Delta 8 THC, don’t fret.

In the Learn section, you can find general information, tips, and news on Delta 8 THC brands to keep you in the loop and help you make informed future Delta 8 THC decisions.

If you’re an avid Delta 8 THC fan and want a seamless Delta 8 shopping experience, you can opt for their product subscription and get your favorite products monthly with 25% off.

The good thing is that all your purchases are protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you think the products aren’t worth their salt.

How’s that for a service guarantee?

>>Satisfaction guaranteed with Exhale Wellness

5. EightySix - Best for Limited Budgets

Available Products: Gummies / Vape Pens / Tinctures / Cartridges / Sweets / Pre Rolls / Disposables / Rice Krispies / Syringes

As a new company in the CBD market, EightySix has quickly garnered attention for its commitment to providing high-quality Delta 8 THC quality products at an affordable price point.

One of EightySix's standout features is its dedication to affordability. While many Delta 8 brands can be pricey, EightySix breaks the mold by offering quality products that don't break the bank.

This makes their Delta 8 THC line an excellent choice for both newcomers and seasoned users who want to enjoy the health benefits of Delta 8 without straining their budget.

Despite their affordable prices, EightySix doesn't compromise on safety and quality. They prioritize sourcing Delta 8 THC from reliable Delta 8 brands and subject their products to thorough third-party lab testing.

Their customer-centric approach is evident not only in their reasonable prices but also in their dedication to creating a seamless shopping experience. They offer transparent information about their products and a user-friendly website, provides consumers with an easy way to find the perfect Delta 8 THC product for their needs.

Of course, they often have deep deals and discounts on a variety of Delta 8 products, and a subscribe and save plus rewards program will help you save tons of money. What more can you ask for?

With a diverse range of products, a consumer-friendly approach, and a focus on delivering excellence without the hefty price tag, EightySix stands out as a most potent brand that caters to the needs of budget-conscious consumers seeking a genuine Delta 8 THC experience.

>>Find affordable Delta 8 high-quality CBD products with EightySix

6. 3Chi - Great Tasting Edibles

Available Products: Gummies / Tinctures / Concentrates / Vape Carts / Edibles

3Chi might not have the widest Delta 8 product range, but that’s because they also sell other hemp plant cannabinoid products like CBD, CGB, and CBN. However, their product quality is right up there with the likes of Exhale Wellness and Delta Extrax.

Like its biggest competitors, 3Chi also does rigorous third party testing for its products for purity and product quality in accredited third-party labs to ensure customers get nothing but the best.

And yes, you can access these third-party lab reports just in case you need to counter-check.

We like the affordable prices of this company's products. PLUS, most options come in unique focused blends with full-spectrum hemp extracts and terpenes to help you savor some of the best Delta 8 brands product tastes.

The quality and taste of their edibles are where they pip most Delta 8 brands.

We think you will particularly love their honeyed gummies, which come in mouth-watering watermelon and black raspberry flavors. These fruity tastes work great for people who might find the original hemp plants taste too sharp.

We also found 3Chi’s targeted relief products quite thoughtful and helpful for newer Delta 8 THC users. The targeted pain relief products are marked with their end effect for users to easily pick out products for their desired effect: Happy, Calm, Soothe, and more for a quicker shopping experience.

Not only that − 3Chi also guarantees fast, free shipping for purchases above $99.

Finally, they offer multiple shipping options, including a cold shipping option to keep melt-prone Delta 8 THC products like gummies from melting.

>>Find potent and delicious Delta 8 THC products

7. TREhouse - Delicious Delta 8 Vapes

Available Products: Tinctures / Cartridges / Edibles / Concentrates / Prerolls / Gummies / Vape Pens

TREhouse has earned a reputation for its dedication to providing premium Delta 8 products that emphasize potency and quality. With a focus on offering high-potency options, TREhouse appeals to those seeking a more intense Delta 8 experience.

Third-party lab testing ensures that their products are free from contaminants and accurately labeled for potency.

They source their Delta 8 from organic hemp plants and use environmentally friendly extraction methods, ensuring that their products are both high-quality and eco-friendly.

Their pride and joy is the company’s durable, sturdy, and potent vapes which are rechargeable and disposable. The company claims you’ll get around 800 puffs per pen, and pride themselves on the delicious flavors they offer, like Wedding Cake and Rainbow Sherbert.

Of course, vape pens aren’t the only product TREhouse offers, as they have tons of potent pre rolls, edibles, live rosin, and more. Better yet, the company offers rotating deals and discounts, with deals like 15% off one item, 20% off two items, and 25% off three items.

As a CBD company, TREhouse is committed to offering some of the highest quality Delta 8 products on the market.

>>Find delicious vape pens at TREhouse

8. Mystic Market - Best for Elevating Body and Mind

Available Products: Tinctures / Gummies / Vape Cartridges / Softgels

Mystic Labs is not just a brand; it's a fusion of science and spirituality. Embracing the mystical aspects of life, Mystic Labs combines cutting-edge extensive research with a holistic approach to wellness.

Their mission is to offer Delta 8 products that not only provide therapeutic benefits but also tap into the spiritual dimensions of well-being.

Mystic Labs is unique because of their focus on providing a transformative experience. Their Delta 8 products aren't just about physical desired effects; they aim to inspire a shift in consciousness and a deeper connection to the self.

This unique blend of science and spirituality allows Mystic Labs to resonate with individuals seeking more than just ordinary wellness products.

Mystic Market also has a variety of deals consumers can take advantage of, including bundles, where you can mix and match Delta 8 products like three bottles of different flavored gummies for a 30% discount!

With a diverse array of products, a focus on accessible pricing, an informative website, and a unique approach that seeks to elevate the mind, body, and spirit, Mystic Labs invites users to embark on a journey of holistic well-being through the transformative power of Delta 8.

>>Find Delta 8 products with Mystic Market

9. Binoid - Best for Unique Products

Available Products: Gummies / Vape Cartridges / Wax Dabs / Tinctures / Live Resin

Since 2017, Binoid has sourced their hemp-derived products from Oregon farms. There, the producers use natural and environmentally friendly methods to extract the Broad Spectrum CBD oils in order to create high-quality Delta 8 products.

The company operates under high standards, creating the highest-quality CBD products that are third-party certified.

Binoid stands out from the competition because of their unique products like the Delta 8 THC wax dabs that come in a variety of interesting flavors. The dabs pack a huge punch, offering one gram of Delta 8 wax concentrate in each package.

The company also offers significant sales on their products, as well as the occasional store-wide discounts and other bargains. They also have a great rewards program that gives you points for each dollar you spend.

As you browse through Binoid’s products, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each specific item. This ensures you’ll find the right potency and mood enhancement you’re looking for.

>>Find all kinds of different Delta 8 products with Binoid

10. Diamond CBD - Best Variety

Available Products: Vape Cartridges / Gummies / Concentrates / Carts / Edibles / Pre-Rolls / Flowers / Oils / Capsules

It’s no wonder why Diamond CBD has become so popular over the years

With its 100s of products, the brand is a Delta-8 mammoth.

Not to mention most products come in different variations of size, strength, strains, and more to widen your options even further.

All Diamond CBD production is kept in-house, which is a great way to ensure high production standards for high-grade products. Not just that, their products are also third-party lab tested for any harmful chemicals - something all most reputable brands should do.

Also, you can find a good chunk of Delta 8 products mixed or infused with CBD to help you reap both the medicinal and recreational benefits of Delta 8 THC and CBD with just one product.

Pricing is another thing Diamond CBD gets right.

This Delta 8 brand is the king of deals and discounts. There are daily, weekly, monthly, and even holiday deals on top of “spin to win discounts” - great for anyone stuck on a budget.

You also get free 2-day shipping for purchases over $100. And new users can get up to 50% off their first purchase just by registering.

The shopping experience is another important aspect of any Delta 8 brand. And even though Diamond CBD boasts a huge catalog, browsing their available products is pretty straightforward.

There’s a shop by ingredient, strength, and even mood section where you just click your desired goal and get a suggestion of the best-suited products for your troubles.

And to wrap it all up, this reputable brand has perhaps the biggest “LEARN” section to keep shoppers informed on the ins and outs of Delta 8 and the wider cannabis industry.

>>Find a variety of Delta 8 products with Diamond CBD

11. MoonWlkr - Gluten-Free Delta 8 Products

Available Products: Bundles / Edibles / Disposable Vapes / Vape Carts / Accessories

Most Delta 8 brands overlook the aspect of product appeal.

MoonWlkr has built its forte on some cool and colorful space-themed packaging and branding, adding an edgy vibe to a customer’s Delta 8 experience.

But it’s not just aesthetics.

MoonWlkr is steadfast in giving you high-quality products. They claim 100% vegan-friendly products to help you keep your diet or avoid possible allergies. Also, all products here go through third-party lab tests, and you can get the lab test reports from their site.

Apart from the exclusive Delta 8 products that the site offers, Moonwlkr also combines its Delta 8 with other leading brands’ cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN to give users access to more medicinal rewards that hemp plants have.

We think you might really enjoy Moonwlkr’s Delta 8 THC gummies and vape pens, which come in a variety of fruit flavors and popular Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains to give you that pleasurable high.

But if you’re more of a “bundles” kind of person, you’re in luck.

You can get assorted flavors of your favorite Delta 8 THC product or different Delta 8 products in a nice little bundle with a 25% discount.

And of course, there’s free shipping for orders above $50.

>>Find gluten-free Delta 8 THC products from MoonWlkr

Choosing the Best Delta 8 THC Manufacturer - Buying Guide

Even if one or two of the companies listed above strikes your fancy, a lot still goes into what to buy. You can and should evaluate Delta 8 on significant factors, especially if you want to do some exploring on your own.

Independent Third-Party Lab Testing

You may have gotten sick of us talking about lab testing above, but it’s critically important.

All reputable cannabis product manufacturers put their batches of anything derived from a cannabis plant through rigorous and extensive testing. No exceptions.

First and foremost, check that they conduct the testing during their manufacturing process and make the results readily available (if they don’t, walk away). Then, learn to read the results. There are excellent online tutorials that can walk you through the manufacturing process. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll see it’s very simple.

As you get more experience using Delta 8, you’ll be able to decide what’s most important to you, and the independent lab tests will help you make a well-informed decision.


More and more people are using Delta 8 products by the minute. Because it’s such a hot industry, lots of less-than-reputable people are trying to get a piece of it. That means that you need to be even more careful where you buy.

There are several hemp industry-specific online publications devoted to cannabis products that frequently review companies. That’s a great place to look for expert assessments and get information not readily available on a company’s website. You may also be able to find individual product reviews.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with supporting a start-up business. Just make sure you trust them.

>>Subscribe and save with FAB CBD’s Delta 8 products

Hemp Source and Organic Ingredients

Once the company itself passes the initial inspections, look at where they source their hemp and cannabis and what organic ingredients they use. Many users prefer American-grown plants or want 100% organic hemp.

Also, bear in mind that you’re not buying pure Delta 8; there will be several other organic ingredients in whichever quality product you buy.

Just as you do with the food you eat, pay attention to what you’re putting in your body and how it is made or derived. This is even more important for vegans since gummies and capsules sometimes contain animal products.

Extraction Method

Unfortunately, there is no way to extract Delta 8 from the cannabis plant naturally. That means that to do so, some makers use several types of potentially harmful chemicals throughout the manufacturing process.

This is why we recommend companies that use CO2 extraction, the industry-standard these days.

How You Want to Take It

How you want to ingest Delta 8 THC will help you a great deal in choosing an online store from which to buy. As you make this decision, also consider the side effects you want. If you want something that acts quickly and doesn’t last long, then vape cartridges might be best for you.

On the other hand, the idea of vaping or smoking is out of the question for some other people. They still have various quality products they can use, including the best Delta 8 gummies, delta 8 disposable vape pens, and tinctures.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can answer a lot of questions that you may have about a company or individual products. Most customers often have great firsthand experience and observations that you can use. Just keep in mind that individual results will vary, and these substances act differently on everyone’s body.

In addition to reading customer reviews, Reddit can be an excellent resource to find someone willing to give you an honest assessment.

Intended Use and Stated Effects

People use Delta 8 THC for several different reasons. Whatever yours is, it can and should influence your decision about which products to buy and where to buy them. For example, if you want to use Delta 8 or pain relief or for improved sleep, you need something different from someone seeking creative energy or enhancing time with friends.

Many of the companies selling Delta 8 will state what kind of high their items produce (generally speaking). This helps to familiarize with some of the lingo, such as a body high versus head high. In addition, you should start to learn about common strains.

All of these significant factors will have tremendous sway over what you ultimately end up loving.

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Best Delta 8 Brands - Frequently Asked Questions

You will eventually learn all you need to know about Delta 8 THC products as you shop for and use them. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions new users have about it.

Is Delta 8 the Same as THC?

No, Delta 8 is not the same as THC.

Although they come from the same plant, Delta-8 is a different cannabinoid, considered to be only half as potent as Delta-9 THC.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Yes, most Delta 8 leading brands are legal in most states. Most Delta 8 brands contains a low enough level of THC (0.3%) to pass muster at the federal level.

That said, despite being federally legal, Delta 8 has been outlawed in the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington.

Does Delta 8 Have Side Effects?

Yes, Delta 8 has adverse effects such as a sore throat, dizziness, and confusion.

However, you should be able to avoid most of these side effects by starting with very low doses and working your way up.

How Much Delta 8 Should I Take?

You should take a low Delta 8 dose at first. In fact, we recommend starting with half of whatever is the typical dose.

With gummies, that’s usually half a gummy, and Delta 8 varies with other products. Give that an appropriate amount of time (with something inhaled, 15 minutes; with something eaten, about an hour), and then increase your dose from there.

With time, you’ll learn your ideal dose. Also, keep in mind that you will build up a tolerance over time and need to use more. To bring your tolerance back down, stop using Delta 8 for a couple of weeks.

Is Delta-8 a Natural Product?

Yes, Delta-8 is a natural product derived from the cannabis plant. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in small amounts in the cannabis plant. However, Delta-8 can also be produced synthetically in a laboratory setting.

Is Delta-9 Stronger Than Delta-8?

Delta-9 and Delta-8 are both forms of THC, but they have slightly different chemical structures. Delta-9 is generally considered to be more potent and psychoactive than Delta-8.

However, the potent effects of Delta-8 can still be quite powerful, and many users report experiencing a more relaxed and less anxious high compared to Delta-9.

Will Delta 8 Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, Delta 8 will make you fail a drug test unless you’ve stopped consuming Delta 8 at least 30 days prior.

The reason for this is that most standard drug tests cannot differentiate between Delta-8 and THC.

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You’re Ready To Enjoy Delta 8 - The Takeaway

When choosing what substances to put in your body, that’s a hugely important decision, especially when those substances will also affect your mind. That’s one of the other factors we created the list of the eleven best Delta 8 companies doing business right now.

Hands down, FAB CBD takes the top spot on our list for its potency, best quality, and year-round deals and discounts.

However, you shouldn’t ignore the other contenders on this list, which can deliver an entirely different user experience.

You should also use our buying guide and FAQs to do some exploring on your own. The cannabis market today is only growing, and there will be new and exciting products all the time. With the tools in this article, you can buy and enjoy them with confidence.