Best Black-Owned Salon: Salon S.C.

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Best Black-Owned Salon: Salon S.C.

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CP Photo: Pat Cavanagh
Shanna Cochran owner of S.C. Salon

While other businesses were closing their doors during the pandemic, Shanna Cochran, owner of this year’s Best Black-owned Salon, chose to do the opposite. As a result, her hair studio Salon S.C. debuted in December 2020, becoming a thriving, multicultural salon offering an extensive level of education and experience in a wide variety of services.

“This was a scary time to start a business,” Cochran tells Pittsburgh City Paper. But, she says, they have “grown immensely.”

“We have partnered with foster and kinship programs as a resource for families in need,” she says, “and we also expanded our reach in working with health care professionals to assist women suffering from hair loss.”

Hair loss is one of the multitudes of areas Salon S.C. specializes in, and they accept insurance for qualifying clients. Cochran was certified as a hair loss specialist in 2021, allowing her to work with dermatologists and oncologists, and to fit clients for hair loss systems and/or units.

Among the salon’s other specialties are coloring, braiding, natural hair styling, and more. Plus, the stylists at the Braddock business also provide standard services like haircuts, extensions, blowouts, and children's hair care.

“Salon S.C. goes above and beyond to ensure our stylists are not only experts in their specialty, but we continue to invest in our learning and development in hair care,” says Cochran. “We at Salon S.C. are simply confident in what we do.”

Knowing one’s hair is in the hands of experts is comforting enough, but a step inside the salon creates even more ease. Relaxing and intimate, Cochran says Salon S.C. is sure to welcome every guest with a very friendly, calm, and laid-back atmosphere.

“We would like to send a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of our clients for voting,” Cochran says, “and a humble welcome aboard to the new clients willing to join us on this healthy hair journey.”

Salon S.C. 704 Braddock Ave., Braddock.