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Best Astrology Sites of 2023: Accurate Horoscope & Birth Chart Readings Online

How often do you feel compelled to check your daily horoscope and personality traits? We all do it from time to time! With all of its techniques and different ways to learn about ourselves, the world of astrology always appears to be extremely fascinating.

Astrology websites offer a variety of services, including personal consultations, numerology, tarot readings, palmistry, personality tests, and so on. We can also learn about our future and romantic lives. Many people, particularly in India, use astrology to predict their children's future. It is also a popular way to decide on career choices.

There are various sites for astrology available out there on the internet. The worst part is choosing the best site and then spending money on it. This process requires a lot of research. But don't worry, we've already taken care of the difficult part. In this article, we have reviewed the best astrology sites for you.

Stay tuned until the end if you're looking for some ancient wisdom or just want to have some fun learning about yourself.

Best Astrology Sites to Get Horoscope Insights:

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Astrology Site for Horoscope Readings

  2. Kasamba – Popular Astrology Website to Get Horoscope Predictions

  3. Mysticsense – Most Accurate for Horoscope Readings Online

  4. Keen – Top Astrologers to Read Your Zodiac Sign

  5. PsychicOz – Trusted Horoscope Site for Accurate Astrological Reading

#1. Purple Garden - Overall Best Astrology Site for Horoscope Readings

Purple Garden is top of our list of the most reliable and trustworthy astrology reading platforms.

Although there isn't much online regarding the credibility of this platform, all we know is that they are a sister site to Bitwine Psychic and Purple Ocean. The two have been around for some time hence why they are more popular than Purple Garden.

When doing our research, we found several reviews about the readers registered on this platform and the quality of service they offer.

Most of the reviews were positive, so we highly recommend this platform as a starting point for anyone looking for a reliable and honest astrology reading.


When you first log into this platform, you cannot help but notice their website's professional look. Purple Garden's website is well-designed and has a user-friendly and interactive user interface, making the whole experience worthwhile.

Additionally, they have a downloadable mobile application installed on any Android or iOS handheld device. You have to love the convenience this brings to Purple Garden's clients since they can easily access astrology reading services anywhere and anytime.

It is important to note that Purple Garden encompasses different types of psychic reading services, including tarot card reading, palm reading, horoscope reading, etc.

Hence, you need to refine your search for astrology readers to get the reading you need. It also helps you easily and quickly identify readers specific to the niche you want.

Lastly, Purple Garden has a strict policy of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. As such, they always subject their readers to a strict vetting process – this helps them ensure that they are only working with the best in the industry.

Similarly, when you log into the site, you will notice that all readers have a detailed profile that indicates their name, experience level, rating from previous clients, background, etc.

The aim is to help clients make better and more informed decisions when looking for an astrology reader who fits their needs and preferences.


  • Purple Garden is one of the most reliable and trustworthy online astrology reading platforms.

  • The platform features a professional, well-designed website interface that is friendly even to beginners.

  • They have a mobile app you can download on any Android or iOS device for convenience.

  • They feature different communication modes to cater to their different clients' needs.

  • Purple Garden often conducts a strict vetting process for all readers looking to join in on their platform.

  • They offer a detailed profile for each reader.


  • The price of reading often depends on several factors, such as the duration of the reading, level of expertise, mode of communication, and the type of reading.

#2. Kasamba - Popular Astrology Website to Get Horoscope Predictions is among the longest-serving astrology reading platforms available on the market. The business has over two decades of experience in the industry.

Over this time, they have served over 3 million clients globally, so you can trust them to be very reliable and to offer high-quality services.

Although the site is top-rated, you will notice that, unlike other similar sites, they have fewer readers on their platform. It is because they have a strict vetting process for all their readers.

They aim only to work with the best astrology readers on the market to help ensure 100% customer satisfaction. It also goes a long way in building its credibility as a brand.


What we love most about this website is that they offer more than just astrology reading services.

On their website, they have an educational blog section where they seek to create awareness in public by actively and consistently offering reading resources on astrology reading.

The aim is to get more people to be receptive to the idea of reading astrology rather than having the notion that it is associated with dark magic.

Similarly, they also offer resources to veterans to educate them on how to make the most out of each reading session. offers its services purely online. As such, they have ensured to feature several modes of communication to help cater to the needs of their different clients.

The available modes of communication include video calls, live chats, phone calls, text replies, and email replies.

The platform is available 24/7; hence it is very convenient even for clients who have a tight schedule. In addition, we also noted that features a mobile application that you can download on any handheld Android or iOS device.

Lastly, we were pleased to discover that has a refund policy for clients who might be unsatisfied with their readings.

The company usually offers up to $50 in refunds to unsatisfied customers. The refund can be redeemed in the next reading with a different reader.


  • is among the pioneer companies in the industry with over two decades of experience.

  • The company has a strict vetting process for their readers to ensure they only work with the best.

  • New users are rewarded with a free 3-minutes trial offer.

  • They feature a wide range of communication channels to cater to the needs of their different clients.

  • They have a mobile app you can download on any Android or iOS device.

  • They have an education blog section on their website that provides resources to educate the public.


  • They do not have a video call reading option.

#3. Mystic Sense – Most Accurate for Horoscope Readings Online

Mystic Sense is yet another popular astrology reading site available on the market. The company has been in business for over a decade; hence you can count on them to offer good quality and reliable psychic reading services.

Just like every other platform we have mentioned on this list, the platform features a vast network of readers registered on their platform.

You can rest assured that you will get the best service on this platform since the company has a strict vetting process for readers seeking to join their network.


Mystic Sense usually operates strictly online. However, the company has devised different communication modes allowing readers and clients to communicate efficiently, including video calls, live chats, email replies, text replies, and phone calls.

In addition, their services are available 24/7, including during the holidays; therefore, regardless of your daily schedule, you can find time to squeeze in a session knowing you will find an online reader.

Secondly, due to their vast network of readers, searching for a reader that best suits your needs can sometimes be overwhelming.

To help you with this, you can use the site's advanced search filter option to help you narrow down your options based on specific needs and preferences.

Once you have your options in place, you can conduct short interviews of each reader by taking advantage of the free 5-minute trial period – this will help you identify a reader with whom you can quickly bond without spending so much upfront.

Lastly, Mystic Sense usually has a refund policy to satisfy unsatisfied clients. However, the company does not refund the money; instead, they give free Mystic minutes to unsatisfied clients. These minutes can be redeemed during their next session with a different reader.


  • Mystic Sense is a highly reputable online astrology reading platform with over ten years of experience.

  • The company has a strict vetting process for all its readers.

  • They offer their services at competitive market rates. The price per reading, however, will depend on several factors, including the type of reader, mode of communication, duration of the reading, etc.

  • They offer a free 5-minute trial period to their new clients.

  • The readers are accessible through several communication channels and are available 24/7.


  • Mystic Sense does not refund money. Instead, they give clients free Mystic minutes that you can redeem during the next session with a different reader.

#4. Keen - Top Astrologers to Read Your Zodiac Sign

We mentioned that determining how long the site has been in business is one of the critical factors to look out for when choosing a trustworthy and reliable astrology reading site. With this parameter only, has passed the test.

The company is one of the pioneers in the industry, with over two decades of experience – since 1999. Keen provides a wide range of psychic reading services, among which astrology reading ranks top.

They have, over the years, built a strong rapport with their clients to offer the most affordable and accurate astrology reading services. also has a vast network of astrology readers with different experiences, knowledge, and backgrounds. Therefore, no matter your preferences, will have you covered.


First and foremost, we would like to appreciate their user-friendly and professional website interface. You can easily navigate the website whether you are a beginner or tech-savvy.

Furthermore, all sections you might need to access can easily be located from their menu bar, making the whole user experience pleasant.

In addition to this, it is also worth noting that they offer their services 24/7. No matter when you log into this site, you are guaranteed to find an astrology reader who is online and willing to take you up for a session.

It offers great convenience, especially to clients with busy schedules, as they can easily fit a session in when available.

You can also access the site by downloading their mobile application on any handheld Android or iOS device for more convenience.

Besides offering astrology reading services, also has an educational blog. This purpose is to educate the public on astrology and reading.

With this knowledge, more people are often willing to try astrology reading, which translates to more clients for their site.

Lastly, we applaud for ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by offering free trial minutes and featuring a wide range of available modes of communication to suit the needs and preferences of their clients.

For example, to chat with an astrology reader on this platform, you can do so via email, phone calls, text replies, or live chats.


  • is a highly reputable online astrology reading platform with over two decades of experience in the industry.

  • The platform features a well-designed, professional, and user-friendly website interface.

  • They have a vast network of astrology readers from different backgrounds and levels of experience.

  • They have a strict vetting process for astrologers seeking to offer their services on their platform.

  • They offer a comprehensive review of each astrologer on their reader's profile to help you make an informed decision.

  • They have a mobile application you can use on any Android or iOS handheld device.

  • New clients are offered a free 3-minutes trial period.

  • Their services are very affordable, starting at $1.99 per minute.


  • The free trial minutes are insufficient to assess your suitability with a reader.

  • The best astrologers on their site are often highly priced.

  • They do not have a video recording option.

#5. Psychic Oz - Trusted Horoscope Site for Accurate Astrological Reading

The list would not be complete if we failed to mention Psychic Oz. Psychic Oz is also a pioneer in the industry with over 30 years of experience.

The platform is a global company with a good reputation among its clients – this has been established through years of providing them with the best customer experience and good quality service that is hard to come by from any other platform.

As such, the brand has a good reputation in the industry; hence you can trust them to be 100% reliable and trustworthy.


They say a brand is only as good as its employees, and they could not be far from the truth. Psychic Oz features a wide range of highly experienced and professional astrology readers registered on their platform.

Since they serve a global audience, they diversify their readers' selection to help cater to the needs and preferences of their diverse clientele.

With Psychic Oz, you can rest assured of getting the best services since they highly vet their readers – their goal is to ensure that they only have the best on their team.

Additionally, they have a well-designed website interface that makes the experience of using the platform worthwhile, even if you need to be tech-savvy.

All available sections can easily be navigated through the menu bar. The platform also features an advanced filter option which allows you to refine your search when looking for a suitable reader based on your needs and preferences.

Astrology readers on Psychic Oz offer their services online; unfortunately, this site only features several modes of communication like other previously mentioned sites.

The only available communication channel on this platform is the live video recording option which is a bit limiting to some clients.

Another great feature of Psychic Oz is that they offer a free 3-minutes trial period for their new clients.

It would be best if you took advantage of this offer to interview as many readers as possible to familiarize yourself with the reading process and different readers before deciding which reader you would like to take you through your astrology reading session.

Lastly, although the platform offers competitive rates in terms of pricing, we were keen to note that the rates often differ based on several factors such as mode of communication, level of experience of the reader, duration of the reading, etc.

With Psychic Oz, you can request a reader estimate how much a session will likely cost before you commit yourself.


  • Psychic Oz is a reputable online astrology reading platform with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

  • All readers wishing to join this platform are highly vetted. The purpose of this is to ensure they only work with the best.

  • The platform offers a comprehensive profile of each of its readers to help clients make informed decisions.

  • The platform offers its services globally; hence they have a more diverse clientele.

  • Psychic Oz offers a free 3-minutes trial period to all new users.

  • Their prices are highly competitive.


  • They do not have diverse modes of communication.

  • They do not have a refund policy for clients who are unsatisfied with the services offered.

How We Made This List of Best Astrology Websites

Before the shift to the virtual world, astrology reading was reserved for only a few people who could access and afford astrology reading services. There were just a few re-known astrologers on the market.

Today, however, we are all spoilt for choices as there has been an increase in the number of readers and astrology reading sites. Hence, there is no need for anyone to make any compromises when selecting the best astrology site based on their needs and preferences.

However, we know that it can be an overwhelming decision to make. Hence, we developed this comprehensive list of the best sites available today.

Before getting into this review, let us first highlight the factors we considered when making this comprehensive list of the best astrology reading sites.

They include:

Customer Reviews

Before paying for any service, online or not, we recommend you look through customer feedback on all the sites you weigh in on.

Customer feedback is crucial as it is often information from people who have used these services.

Hence you can trust their opinion to be factual and unbiased. When doing our research, we were keen to only consider sites with stellar reviews from previous clients.

Customer Policies

Brands that value their clients will often have the best, most convenient, and most friendly policies to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Although an important aspect, we noticed that some online astrology sites needed better customer policies; hence, they often tend to miss out on many clients.

The brands that offer good policies include factors such as a money-back refund policy or credit, free- trial minutes to interview readers, etc.

In addition, such policies build clients' confidence in the brand, allowing them to invest money in the services offered.

Brand Reputation

The rising popularity of astrology reading has given rise to several sites. Unfortunately, their numbers can sometimes be overwhelming when you try to distinguish between a legit and a scam site, but a brand's reputation can come in handy to help you make a decision.

When doing our research, we established that the most reputable astrology sites have often been in business for a long time.

Similarly, it is also essential to determine the level of experience of the astrology readers you come across – do not just pick the first reader you meet. All the sites highlighted on our list have been around for a while; hence you can trust them to be very reliable.

Modes of Communication

The sites highlighted in this review article are all online astrology reading sites. Hence, it is vital to consider the mode of communication used on these sites to determine if they fit your needs and preferences – the mode of communication should also cater to your personality.

For example, if you are reserved or new to astrology reading, you might opt for a less intrusive option such as text or email replies, unlike a live chat session.

Some commonly used modes of communication include live chats, email replies, phone calls, video calls, and text replies. No matter your preferences, you will find a site that caters to your needs and a flexible reader to work within your comfort level.

Free Trial Minutes

The online market is often very competitive, so brands will often do everything possible to attract clients to their sites.

One strategy they use is offering free trial minutes to new clients – the free minutes often range from three to five complementary minutes.

Although it might seem like a small gesture, these free trials are often essential as they allow new users to familiarize themselves with the site and help them establish if they bond with specific readers.

In addition, they will also sometimes offer new user bonuses and tons of new offers for existing clients to help save money.

Buying Guide: Astrology & Horoscope Sites Online

Online astrology reading has been a growing phenomenon in the past decade. Today, more than ever, it is more common because of the digital shift – we now have a generation of tech-savvy people who want fast solutions.

To some extent, online astrology reading platforms are more popular than offline astrology readings, perhaps due to the convenience and diversity that these platforms offer.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that only some platforms and readers you come across will be legit. You, therefore, need to be cautious when making your decision.

In the subsequent section, we will highlight tips to help you keep safe when seeking these online services. We will also include beginner-friendly tips for making the most of your astrology reading.

Beginner-Friendly Tips for Receiving a Reliable Reading

Do Your Research On The Type Of Session You Would Want

If you are new to astrology reading, it could be a challenging new venture to navigate through. Several factors come to play that will influence the quality of the session you will have.

Therefore, before you approach any reader or even register on any platform, you need to be clear on the following:

  • Type of reading you want – love, relationships, career, finances, family, etc.

  • Type of reader you would love to work with – their level of experience, background, energy, etc.

  • Mode of communication you would prefer – live chats, video calls, phone calls, text replies, email replies, etc.

Be Prepared With Questions.

As you go in for an astrology reading session, you most likely have an end goal in mind. To help you get the answers or clarity you seek, you must think about and jot down some of the critical questions you might have.

In addition, it helps guide the direction of the session as sometimes, with a clear plan, you might find that the conversation has strayed to matters that are outside your interest.

Remember you are being charged by the minute; therefore, it is only fair you make every minute count. Make sure your questions are precise – do not leave space for ambiguity.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Reading

Nothing beats the old-fashioned way of meeting an astrologer in person. But since the digital migration, online interactions have become the new norm.

The shift has come along with its own set of advantages and challenges alike:

The Advantages include

  • It offers great convenience since you can quickly get an astrology reading anytime, regardless of where you are. In addition, some online platforms also have a downloadable mobile application, making it more convenient.

  • Online platforms are affordable since you only have to pay using their services. Similarly, they also offer free-trial minutes, which helps new users save money.

  • When you sign up on an online astrology site, you will be spoilt for choices on the type of reading services you would like. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your astrology needs.

  • Online reading offers clients the privilege of anonymity. You do not have to reveal your identity if you do not wish. All you need to do is provide the required information to ensure that it is accurate.

  • You can quickly discontinue a session if you are feeling unsafe or otherwise.

The Disadvantages include

  • There are several astrology reading platforms available online today, which all offer the same services. As such, the industry lacks authenticity, which to some extent, contributes to giving the industry a bad image.

  • Online astrology readings are affordable and easy to access. As such, some people might develop an unhealthy dependency on these services. It would be best if you kept your consultations within a healthy limit.

  • It is sometimes hard to come by a genuine astrology reader. Often, the readily available readers are not experienced; hence, their advice will often be too general and sometimes inaccurate.

FAQs Related To Astrology Apps

What usually happens during an astrology reading?

During a reading, astrology usually attempts to connect with your cosmic energy. Through a series of questions, it will be able to pinpoint your problem and offer you a solution based on your stars.

In addition, some readers are known to have the ability to communicate with the spiritual world, which is also a source of guidance.

Is a Horoscope Reading Similar to an Astrology reading?

The two are different, although most people often think they are.

Horoscope reading is a category within astrology often based on an individual's birth charts.

On the other hand, astrology reading is a discipline on its own, and it can encompass several niches such as horoscope reading, numerology, tarot card reading, palm reading, etc.

Can I get an incorrect reading?

Yes, it is possible. However, please remember that psychic readers are people just like you and me; hence they are susceptible to making mistakes.

Many factors come to play to facilitate a successful reading, such as the reader's energy, the client's energy, the chemistry between the two, the level of expertise, etc.

If either of your energies is chaotic or you have no bond with your reader, the reading might be inaccurate.

If you are unsatisfied with the reading, please note that you can always ask for a refund.

Concluding – Top Astrology Websites for Horoscope Predictions

Many people are always skeptical about psychic readings, but they are interesting, and you should try them.

From our experience, we recommend astrology reading to anyone experiencing any uncertainties in life, as it might help offer some new and valuable perspectives.

The above-highlighted platforms are some of the bests we know of in the market, and we highly recommend them.

However, you should also research other available platforms keeping in mind all that we have discussed to help you stay safe and get the most out of a session when reading online. All the best!