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BENNTY is looking for musicians interested in a collaboration album

All revenue from the album will directly benefit contributing artists

If you were given one word, a theme, and 48 hours, could you create an original song? If the answer is yes, then reach out to Benjamin T. Wilson, aka BENNTY, who is looking for musicians to include on a collaboration album. All revenue from the album will directly benefit contributing artists as a way to make revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This project directly counters many of the consequences of this crisis," says Wilson. "While we’re forced into isolation, this promotes collaboration. While staying at home can provoke apathy, this promotes creation. It’s an active effort where many of us can band together to help each other, both creatively and promotionally.

Two years ago, Wilson gathered a group of friends to take on the challenge, set around the theme of planets, with the end result being an album called The October Project. The upcoming album will follow in the same vein, the campaign branded as "Flu Fighters."

"We have not finalized which exact variation we’re going with," says Wilson. "It’s almost certainly going to have to do with isolation/the whole current crisis."

Musicians of any genre are urged to reach out - "the more diverse the better" - but as for bands, Wilson would like to encourage social distancing as much as possible.

"But if bands are quarantined together or have a safe way of all contributing, bands are absolutely welcome," he says.

Already on board is Tap Shorts, who participated in The October Project, and Joy Ike. Wilson asks that interested parties email him ( by Saturday night, as he would like to get started at the end of next week.

"Any money raised goes directly back to the people contributing," says Wilson, who is primarily a filmmaker. "This is simply the first of hopefully many projects Filmburgh is putting into action to do everything we can to support our creative community during these times. ... We're working on larger versions of this model for other art forms as well, but an October Project style record seemed like a good place to start."

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