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Beer of the Week: Kellerbier

click to enlarge Kellerbier from Trace Brewing - CP PHOTO: OWEN GABBEY
CP photo: Owen Gabbey
Kellerbier from Trace Brewing
Beer of the Week: Kellerbier
Brewery: Trace Brewing (
Location: 4312 Main St., Bloomfield

Sometimes you support a brewery (or a company in general) because their product is stellar. Sometimes you do because you support their beliefs, practices, and principles. And when you’re lucky, both reasons are true. That’s what the recently opened Trace Brewing is, and that’s why their Kellerbier is my Favorite Local Beer of the Week.

The Kellerbier is a pale lager, clocking in at 5.2% ABV. While I will fully admit to gravitating towards hazy IPAs and big stouts, the moment I cracked this one, I could tell it was a perfect summer beer, and extremely apt for Fourth of July weekend. Kellerbiers are a style of German lager isn’t clarified or pasteurized, giving the beer more of the authentic elements compared to other lagers. In this case, Trace’s version is brewed with Spalter Select and Tettnager hops.

The style shines here, and is a great example of Trace trying to push out some experimental versions of classic styles. From the second it’s poured, the Kellerbier showcases a clean, crisp look. And drinking it is just as smooth, with the taste of sweet malt present. Trace clearly has a commitment to honor the German style, while also presenting something enjoyable and unique.

With their Coolship room onsite entirely dedicated to spontaneous and wild beer, and a series of brewers that have a background in unique styles, it will be awesome watching Trace continue to expand their repertoire and output. But even in its current form, their Kellerbier is a great example of a brewery doing a style that might not be the most en vogue, but executing it so well enough to make it popular.

Trace opened during the pandemic and they’ve established themselves as a good member of the Bloomfield community. Their location is a welcoming and comfortable for everyone. Their exterior wall hosts community graffiti, they’ve hosted multiple drag brunches, and they run a vocational program for minority brewers looking to break into the industry. In other words, they’re good for beer.

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