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Beer for My Horses

Singer Toby Keith headlines this road comedy

Thirty years ago, nobody could have foreseen a film featuring the unlikely combination of Mac Davis, Ted Nugent and Willie Nelson. But country-music mega-star Toby Keith is that visionary, co-writing and starring in this law-enforcement comedy, which is not really based on his pro-vigilantism hit song "Beer for My Horses." Keith portrays a small-town Oklahoma deputy, who with his dim-bulb partner (Rodney Carrington), heads south to retrieve his sweetie from Mexican drug lords. Drinking, farting and the killing of evil hombres ensues. This movie should have bugged me with its lazy plotting, casual offensiveness, not-quite-professional cast and obvious plugs for Ford trucks, but something about its shaggy goofiness kept me mildly entertained. Was it the sheer unabashed cheesiness of Nugent's character -- a mute, heavily armed "Indian" -- gleefully firing off two automatic rifles as the "Cat Scratch Fever" riff played? The out-of-nowhere circus-freak scene? The blue-collar pandering? The pointless cameo from M-m-mm-mel Tillis? Recommended for indulgent fans of silly films. See it with beer, if at all possible. Starts Fri., Aug. 8. (AH)

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