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Update: BBGuns announces indefinite hiatus

click to enlarge BBGuns - PHOTO: CORY PITKAVISH
Photo: Cory Pitkavish
It seems like BBGuns was just starting to hit a stride. In April, the duo signed to local label Crafted Sounds. Then in June, their second album, Help Yourself, dropped, an LP that was "more fully baked, refreshing, and deeper than what they've done before," according to City Paper's Alex Gordon.

But today on Facebook, one half of BBGuns, Joel Cater aka Barz Blackman, announced he needed to shift his focus to family, mainly, to his son.

See the Facebook post below.

UPDATE: After the announcement, CP caught up with Cater to ask a few questions about the decision.

From your Facebook post, it seems like you have been feeling your priorities shift for a while. Why now?
You'd be correct. The shift had occurred from the time I found out about my son's mother being pregnant. He's four now and getting into more activities and I want to be a part of that as much as I can. Also, due to my situation with his mother my time with him is limited to weekends and that's when a majority of our musical endeavors occur. Now was just as good a time as any.

How does this decision feel to you personally, after starting to hit strides this year? (I.e. signing to Crafted Sounds, releasing Thirst)
I'm bummed out. I really hoped to be able to keep it going but the more we grew the more of a toll it was taking on me and my son. It sucks that we've been garnering all this attention and praise to stop now but it just is what it is.

Will BBGuns still be performing at your scheduled shows through the end of September?
Yes, we will finish out the schedule as planned.

How do you feel knowing your next performances will be most likely be the last for a while?
I feel like I need to make these last few shows something to remember for the city. No choice but to lay everything I have out there.

You mentioned that you started in 2010 with the goal to “contribute to the culture of Hip-Hop in the most positive and productive way imaginable.” Did you meet this goal?
I think so. Based on the response to the announcement it seems like we've been able to touch and inspire a lot of people. It was amazing to see such an outpouring of support from across all the genres.

Anything else you would like people to know?
I love every single one of y'all and this city. Thank you for accepting me and I look forward to watching y'all continue to grow and I'll be cheering you all on from the bleachers.

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