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Austin's Woven Bones bring dark, feral rock to Brillobox

Woven Bones oozes from primordial depths in thick oily plumes, advancing with the menacing intensity of a Texas Tea party, spreading like the Deepwater Horizon's evil intent on North Florida's snow-white sands. The trio's music suggests a game of blind-man's bluff with the echoing spirits of The Stooges, The Cramps and Spacemen 3.

The rhythms writhe with the primal intensity of a peyote-spiked pre-battle ritual, while sweltering garage-psych guitars waver and waft like a highway mirage. Buried beneath the thunder and fuzz are singer and guitarist Andrew Burr's vocals, distant and reverberating as though trapped in a well, his sanity failing, expelling a final feral, harrowing howl.

After several EPs and 7-inches, the group released In and Out and Back Again in May, a nine-song, 30-minute slab reminiscent of Austin, Texas, mates The Black Angels trading hits off a stolen defibrillator. Both bands channel a similar stony swagger bedeviled by a more anxious, insatiable throb. Not surprisingly, Burr draws inspiration from the same wellspring. 

"Whatever people think we sound like at the core, the Velvet Underground is my favorite band," he told the L.A. Record last year. "I'll sit around and listen to that shit for the rest of my life. It'll never get old." Indeed, while Woven Bones taps a familiar vein, the energy coursing through its music is timeless as fear-drenched foreboding ... and just as compelling.


Woven Bones with Pet Clinic and The Ceiling Stares. 10 p.m. Wed., June 30. Brillobox, 4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield. $8. 412-621-4900 or 

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Interlaced: Woven Bones

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