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August Rush

A "gooey mixture of sentimental, precociously juvenile aphorisms"


A wide-eyed, overly sensitive orphan boy (Freddie Highmore) pines intently for his misplaced parents (oh, he knows they're waiting for him somewhere) that he takes off alone for New York City. There, he's revealed as a musical prodigy, and, in no short order, finds a creepy mentor (Robin Williams, channeling To Catch a Predator: The Failed Rock Star episode); a church; a Julliard scholarship; and a full orchestra at his disposal. But will he ever find his separated parents -- cellist (Keri Russell) and moody Irish singer-songwriter (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)? No prizes for guessing, but this gooey mixture of sentimental, precociously juvenile aphorisms about dreams and hearing music everywhere (if we'd only listen!) and entirely too many scenes of people gazing yearningly at the moon is recommended only for the truest fans of wafer-thin, utterly predictable contemporary fairy tales. Starts Wed., Nov. 21.

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