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Prolific rap-music video director Chris Robinson makes his big-screen debut with this comedy-drama about Atlanta teens. Tip Harris (a.k.a. rapper T.I.) plays Rashad, a decent kid struggling in a rather benign hood to raise his little brother and keep his homies together. In the waning days of their senior year, their lives revolve around the roller rink ... they're got a synchronized-skating crew ... but already their paths are diverging: One is headed to college, another hears the call of the street. ATL delivers familiar upbeat messages about staying in school, friendship, keeping it real and pursuing one's dreams, but a fast pace and plenty of easy natural humor keeps the film from being stale. The whole thing is a shout-out of sorts to steamy, crunky Atlanta, and features one of its beloved, OutKast's Big Boi, in a small but entertaining role as a smooth-talking hustler. (AH)


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