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High school sweethearts who drifted apart more than 20 years ago reconnect and find that their lost love is still alive. It may sound like a cheesy plot device, but in fact this light charmer is based on the real-life experiences of director Tom Anton and the film's co-writer, Sandi Russell, now his wife. Mark (Martin Donovan), plodding through his joyless marriage in New Orleans, hasn't given a thought to Sara, the girl he knew back in Michigan, until a box of unsent letters is unearthed. Sara (Kelly Lynch), also unhappily married, can't resist the pleasure that reuniting with Mark brings. Spouses, jobs, kids, abandoned dreams -- these are significant hurdles. Yet the fact that the film is set in a pre-Katrina New Orleans only underscores the film's message: Though a certain vitality is lost to the passage of time, and life can toss up real obstacles, nothing can quell the true nature of a person's -- or city's -- heart. This film won the Audience Favorite award at the 2005 Three Rivers Film Festival. Regent Square (AH)

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