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    Arthur on 12/12/2007 at 7:06 AM
    Re: “Muriel's
    I am the person the folks above are talking about. We are a small restaurant seating 30 people. I had several complaints about the load noise form this table of 11. They were all speaking ratherload. 2 tables complained to me as they left that they could not hear themselves talk. One table spoke to me while I was still there and that is when I went to the person that made the reservation if she could ask her group to bring the level down. A Restaurant has a responsibility to all the people dining and is forced to make these decisions. I must preface the rest by stating the restaurant was booked solid for both seatings Saturday night.The group of 11 initially made a reservation for 6pm which would have allowed 21/2 hours before the next seating. Several days before they requested a change to 6:30 and I mentioned the second seating is at 8:30. They people started to gather around 6:15pm but did not all arrive till 7pm. I spoke to the person hosting and she said they will be done by 8:30. By 8:30 I had people waiting in the hallway for their tables. By 8:45 they were becoming concerned. The host said her part of the group would leave since they did not want dessert, to open the tables and the rest would follow them to their next stop. A restaurant taking reservations especially a small one is always in a difficult position to satisfy those lingering and those waiting. It is compounded when you are a BYOB. I am very sorry this happened and we are changing policies to correct the problem. We are thinking of only taking reservations for up to 6 people that can be accommodated by our table configuration. Also we will tell all reservations on busy that we plan on 2 hours for dinner and let us know if they require more so we can adjust the seating. Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation.