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Are you a recent college grad? Apply to drive the Wienermobile as one of Oscar Mayer's next Hotdoggers

click to enlarge The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile - PHOTO: KRAFT HEINZ
Photo: Kraft Heinz
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
You just graduated from college. Your entire life lies ahead of you, so bright, shiny, and full of possibilities. Will you use your newly acquired education to become a groundbreaking tech genius, a miracle-working doctor, an artist whose work inspires people all over the world?

Or will you pilot a giant hot dog?

The Pittsburgh-based food giant, Heinz, and its partner brand, Kraft, are now accepting applications from recent college graduates interested in becoming Hotdoggers, aka the people who drive the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Those hired will spend a year driving the 27-foot vehicle across the country (or, as the company puts it, the "Hot Dog Highways of America") to serve as brand ambassadors at radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery retail, and charity functions, and other events.

The search is looking to fill for 12 available Hotdoggers positions. According to a press release, being a Hotdogger is a full-time job that kicks off with a two-week training stint in June at Hot Dog High in Madison, Wisc., where candidates will learn the “ins and outs of life as a Hotdogger.” After training is complete, each candidate will select their Hotdogger name and set off on their hot dog journey across a nation yearning for the glorious sight of an encased meat phallus on wheels.
click to enlarge The 2019 Hotdoggers!🌭This could be you, college grad! - PHOTO: KRAFT HEINZ
Photo: Kraft Heinz
The 2019 Hotdoggers!🌭This could be you, college grad!
The job description says applicants should have a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing, though applicants are "not limited to these degrees."

Oscar Mayer, which is owned by the Kraft Heinz Company, claims that last year, the company received thousands of resumes for the search, boasting that more people have been to outer space than have “held the position” of Hotdogger. (I refuse to Google to see if this is true because, wow, what a mind-blowing brag.)

“We’re eager to see who will cut the mustard in 2020 and travel the country on behalf of the Oscar Mayer brand,” says Matt Riezman, associate director of Oscar Mayer. “With 33 years under our belt, the Hotdogger job continues to be a highly coveted position. If you’re ready to celebrate our love of meats, drive miles of smiles nationwide, and provide fans with an unforgettable Wienermobile experience, send us your resume!”

Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter by Fri., Jan. 31. How much does it pay? How dare you. This is an opportunity of a lifetime (plus it apparently comes with benefits and paid expenses).

Start coming up with your Hotdogger name now. 

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