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On his way home from work, Antoine, a waiter at a poncey Paris restaurant, saves a sad-sack named Louis from suicide and, having a kind heart, finds himself consumed with helping the distraught man. Pierre Salvadori's light comedy initially suggests Antoine (played by Daniel Auteuil) is a sentimental fool -- Louis (Jose Garcia) resists his aid and hilariously bobbles the job as a sommelier Antoine secures for him. But as Antoine schemes to re-connect Louis with his former girlfriend, a wistful florist named Blanche (Sandrine Kiberlain), the quest becomes as much about Antoine rediscovering the meaning in his life. Predictably, Antoine falls for Blanche, and while the film's resolution is no great surprise, the journey has a winning charm as three ordinary people weigh trust, friendship and debts against their own desires. In French, with subtitles. Manor (AH)

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