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Animal Encounters at the National Aviary

Penguins aren’t the only residents of the National Aviary to get their own encounters. Check out these other interactive programs. For pricing and availability:

Penguin painting: Choose your color and then watch the penguin artists go to work.

Sloth Encounter: When the Aviary’s second sloth, Valentino, arrived at the facility last year, the 3-month-old broke the internet. This experience allows you to feed and touch the sloth, and get a selfie.

Flamingo Encounter: Observe these birds on the Aviary’s wetland beach, learn about them and even help feed them.

Bird of Prey Encounter: Learn about these birds, including the falcon, vulture and hawk. There’s even a chance for a photo.

Owl Encounter: Yes, we know. Technically an owl is a bird of prey, but growing up with X the Owl on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood made us love the birds.

Trainer for a day: Love all the birds? Spend a day with the Aviary’s animal-care team, known as aviculturists, learning what life is like for the folks who care for, feed and train the Aviary’s 500 birds. You won’t forget your day because you’ll get a portfolio of photos documenting your stay and a trainer-for-a-day T-shirt.

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