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And When Did You Last See Your Father?

A prickly relationship between father and son is reflected upon in this British drama

For middle-aged Blake (Colin Firth), the titular question is less literal than suggestive of a life-long relationship in which he and his father Arthur (Jim Broadbent) never quite saw each other. Set during Arthur's final days, Anand Tucker's family drama, based on the autobiographical best-seller of the same name, drifts frequently into the past, showing the small hurts, bewilderments and betrayals that set the two otherwise likeable men apart. Much of it is rooted in Arthur's old-fashioned parenting that favored gruff affection over sensitivity, and the British family's endless use of a sharp, passive-aggressive method of speaking. (A cat nuzzling Blake is dismissed by his sister: "It's trying to remember who you are.") Well-acted, with a nice turn by Juliet Stevenson as the Arthur's patient wife, When Did You Last offers more questions than answers, but then, so do most families. Starts Fri., July 25. Regent Square (AH)

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