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Dwight Little's feature is all that I could hope for in a 90-minute film about immeasurably large snakes. Hilarious pseudo-scientific expedition spurred by capitalists -- in this case, a team of pharmaceutical hoo-hahs in search of a life-extending orchid. A cluster of stereotypes -- snippy chick of color, AV geek, gruff boat captain and a signifying monkey -- all traveling off the map in Borneo. Rivers running amok. An enormous anaconda. "There can only be one snake that large around here." A second, even bigger anaconda. Hot chicks in grubby, tight tank tops. Men swallowed whole. A member of the party who turns really rotten. Still more snakes. A final showdown between man, snake and a spider. In sum, a B-movie uncluttered by higher aspirations, and as such, quite entertaining as rote, gigantic-snake movies go. 2 cameras

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