AN UNFINISHED LIFE | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
It's a mash-up of Million Dollar Baby and The Horse Whisperer! Battered widow Jean (Jennifer Lopez), with 9-year-old daughter in tow, returns to stay with her grumpy father-in-law, Einar (Robert Redford), on his scraggly Wyoming ranch. Einar's grown cold since the death of his son a decade ago, and his remaining bit of humanity is reserved for Mitch (Morgan Freeman), his ranch hand, who has been badly mauled by a bear. Over the course of Lasse Halström's drama, everyone will surely come to respect and forgive each other, find solace in the rugged land, and even the lumbering metaphor of a bear will achieve a bliss of sorts. Redford and Freeman ably carry their end of this lightweight male melodrama (though comparisons to Eastwood's and Freeman's similar relationship in Baby are inescapable), and it's a shame that the suitably weathered pros don't have material that's meatier and less formulaic to chew over. (AH)

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