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An election night drinking game

Don’t want to drink? Try these alternatives. Swap out a sip for a deep breath, and instead of taking a shot, turn off the TV and run around the block to calm your nerves.

Drink when …

• You see a bad political meme.
• Party-goers realize they’re on television.
• You question the electoral college.
• There’s a famous person on screen, at a party.
• The phrase “Breaking News” is displayed or said.
• You hear the words “unprecedented” or “landmark.”
• You see a shot of a polling place. Take two drinks if there’s a pet, pizza, or someone sitting in line, in a chair.
• You see a subtweet. Take two drinks if it’s from the party that’s currently losing.
• A swing state goes the color you want.

Take a shot when …

• You see a fly. Any fly, it doesn’t even have to be on screen.
• Anyone describes Pennsylvania as the “keystone” of the election.
• Every time someone you’re watching with yells an expletive.
• There is a concession speech or resignation.
• No results come in because there are thousands of mail-in ballots that still need to be counted.

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