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Ambient drones from I Am Your Breaking Heart

I Am Your Breaking Heart
Trust Krusher

Some musicians use 4-track cassette recorders to make great lo-fi recordings, but they're also just perfect for fooling around. You've got the tape speed to play with, flipping the tape over to reverse sounds ... throw in a cheap delay pedal and a Casio, and you've got your weekend mapped out.

That seems to be the m.o. for I Am Your Breaking Heart, a CD of five longish ambient drone cuts. Under all the reverb and effects, "hearts are just internal shooting stars" seems to be a looped and crossfaded recording of a train, while "this sun has set" loops a heartbeat pulse and Brian Eno-esque mechanical cricket noises beneath metallic shimmers. The opener, "let's define the end of time pt. 1," is mostly eerie haunted-house sounds; "pt. 2" gets into some New Age-y synth pads. The closing segment, "our last kiss," relies mainly on delay-drenched piano. In general, this is music that could be very satisfying in the context of a film or video (or staring at the wall, I suppose).

I Am Your Breaking Heart is the first release by Trust Krusher Recordings, a label recently formed to release "drone, ambient, experimental, noise and sludge/doom." Beyond that, and a Glenshaw mailing address, I can't tell you much. It's allegedly run by "Ralph," and IAYBH is allegedly "Chuck," though something about the MySpace page makes me suspect they're one and the same. Let's hope that time -- and future releases -- will tell.

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