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These days, if there's a quirky subculture, there's sure to be an equally quirky low-budget documentary about it. Alexandra Lipsitz steps up to present the half-silly, half-serious milieu of competitive air guitar, documenting the 2003 world championships, held -- as always -- in a remote Finnish town. There, for the first time, U.S. air-artists will compete against an international slate of wannabe Eddie Van Halens and Yngwie Malmsteens. Just how will the Yankees' showy styles fare against the reigning Europeans, who -- seriously -- favor a more zen approach to jammin' without an instrument? Also potentially problematic: the U.S.A.'s current war-mongering, given the event's "world peace through air guitar" ethos. You can't make this -- or the film's slate of tremendously entertaining participants -- up. It's the most fun you can have rockin' without a guitar, and required viewing for all you rec-room shredders. Starts Fri., April 20. Harris

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